Sunday, December 16, 2007

Winter Ball 2007

I went to WinterBall with Jeff Whiting this year, and it was such a blast! We ate dinner at our friend, Andrew's house and went with a group of all the mormon kids! Mom and Dad chaporoned at the dance, which was great! I had so much fun at my first date dance! ~Ash

Monday, December 3, 2007

We love BYU football! Go Cougars!

What a great season it has been for the BYU football team! The BYU/Utah game proved to be just as exciting as last year's game. It was so intense, much too close, stressful and frustrating at times (can't we just get the ball into the endzone?!) and then incredibly exciting with a touchdown in the last minute of the game! It was much more fun this year at the LaVelle Edwards stadium with all the BYU fans cheering the team on to victory! Here are some pictures from all of the games this season!