Saturday, October 30, 2010

The 4 time SFL Champion!

Brooke ran a perfect race at the SFL championship meet yesterday
 and captured the title of league champion for the 4th year in a row!
Even though she was fighting a cold and runny nose,
 she didn't let it deter her from running all out and crossing the finish line first.
Even if it did mean that halfway through the race her nose was running so bad
 that in order to clear her nose so she could breath,
she literally blew the snot right out of both nostrils onto the trail.
 She was so focused on the race and winning
that she didn't realize that there were a group of spectators right in front of her
who witnessed the whole scene and as Brooke said "were pretty grossed out."
 But hey, a girl's gotta do whatever a girl's gotta do to get the win!
Here is the link to the article in the Press Tribune this morning about the race:

I love the determination in Brooke's face in this picture.

A proud Mama and Papa Bear with their baby Bear!

Christina and Brooke, the senior stars with their sunflowers.

Brooke's team took 1st place!

The Bear, with one of her biggest fans and former coach, Randy Sturgeon.
The top ten girls at the SFL Championships.
Five of the top ten are from GBHS!
Awesome job girls!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Picture Day! One of my last duties on the school board!

With Election Day around the corner, I can finally say that my tenure on school board is coming to a close.  
 My responsibilities include just one more board meeting in November and a school site visit in December. 
Then I will officially be "retired" at the December board meeting. 
For the last couple of months, I have been winding things down, feeling like I had one foot out the door.
Then Jerri, my fellow board member called and enthusiastically insisted that we all had to get our pictures taken
and update our bios for the new district website
I tried to talk my way out of it, explaining that they would just have to change it in just a few months,
but Jerri was anxious to get the new website up and running
 and didn't care that my picture and bio would only be there for a short time. 
One thing that I've learn while on the board is that you don't say "no" to Jerri! 
 She is one that gets things done! 
So off I went to Excelsior school on Picture Day,
standing in line with all the other kids with their clothes neatly pressed and their hair combed just right.
(Actually, I have to confess, one little perk that comes with being a board member,
is that we get to cut in line and have our pictures taken first.
I know, it's not much of a perk...
but the only other perks include owning a Grizzly card that allows me
and a guest to attend any activity or event at the high school AND I get a 15% discount at JCrew.)
The Grizzly card and the JCrew discount will be sorely missed...
getting to take cuts in line at Picture Day, not so much!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Yay! It's finally official! Allie & Justin are engaged!

We are thrilled to announce that Justin proposed to Allie this past weekend!
And, of course, she said, "Yes!"
They are excited and so are we!
They are a darling couple! So perfect together!
Allie and Justin have been dating since high school
and it has been very apparent for quite a long time that they are meant for each other!

The Proposal

Justin told Allie that they were going to visit his roommate,
who was staying at his families cabin in Park City.
Supposably, he lived on "Memory Lane."
They followed the directions, which Justin had and turned onto a street that overlooks Park City
and just happened to have a temporary sign, "Memory Lane" posted on it.
At that point Allie suspected something.
This is the view of Park City from "Memory Lane."

At the end of the cul-de-sac, Justin had a projector set up
to watch a video of all their dating memories
on this screen
with pictures throughout their long courtship!

What Allie saw when she turned and looked out at the view from "Memory Lane" over Park City!
Then turned back and Justin was on one knee.

So many memories and so happy to finally make it official!

They celebrated afterwards and had dinner down on Main Street in Park City.

Allie and Justin showing off their new accessories on their fingers.

The cute engaged couple.

Celebrating with the family back at the house,
with sparkling cider in the reindeer glasses. Classy!
(Ty and Sonya...look familiar?!)

The ring. Gorgeous!

Ashley with the happy couple.
Ash was Justin's helper all day, setting up everything for the proposal.
Such a good sister!
And for now and forever such an important, integral part of their relationship:)!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Hairspray, Part II

Saturday afternoon, I flew back to Utah with Dad and Brooke to see Ashley in Hairspray that night!
The show was even better the second time!
Ashley was simply amazing!
What fun it was to watch her and even more fun to watch Dad see her perform!
He's such a proud papa and loves to watch her sing and dance!

We took lots of pictures and tried to get every combination we could...
Now you are really sorry that you weren't there, right Ty?!

The kids.

The little girls.

Justin and Ash.

Allie and Ash. {Awkward.}

And a picture with Justin and Allie.

Mom and Dad with Ash.

Mom and Dad trying to get a picture with Ashley,
but Allie gets in the way. {Awkward, once again.}

A picture with the family.

Ash with the parents and grandparents.

Kenzie drove all the way from BYU-I to see the play.
What a sweet friend!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

GBHS Homecoming Royalty 2010

Brooke was in the Homecoming Royalty on Friday night.
She looked beautiful in her gorgeous gown, just like a princess!
Dad looked pretty handsome and very proud
as he escorted her onto the stage at halftime.

A proud dad and his little princess/bear!

Smiling at the crowd!

The Senior Royalty

The Homecoming Queen, Melly Geary and King, Jimmy Jack.

I love Brooke's reaction when she realizes that her friend, Melly has won! So sweet!

The Senior Royalty with the Homecoming Queen, Melly, who cried when she found out that she had won.
She cried again when all the girls in the Homecoming Royalty came over to take this picture with her, which made me cry.
Brooke said that when Melly was escorted at the pep rally, all the senior boys gave her a standing ovation.
Before the game, I was in the student government room
and watched as a group of senior girls helped curl Melly's hair and do her make up.
A number of students in the room told her how pretty she looked,
took pictures of her and made sure she was ready for the halftime festivities.
As I stood at the gate, waiting to enter the football stadium,
I held back the tears as I watched Brooke, who often mothers and takes care of Melly,
pushed her wheelchair around the track to the cars that were waiting for the girls.
At halftime, when Melly's name was announced as the Homecoming Queen,
the crowd of students in the stands erupted with cheers!
It was one of those feel good nights when you realize that there is so much to be grateful for
and so much we can learn from these kids!

Brooke and her friend, Junior Princess Gabby Cho.

Mom and Dad with Princess Brooke.

Brooke and the King, Jimmy Jack.

Brooke and Granite Bay's #1 Fan, Noah.

Gabby and Brooke with Givens. Lovely!

Earlier in the day, Brooke had Coach Cooper escort her at the Pep Rally.
She said that Coach Cooper was her favorite teacher
because she wants to be an inspiring coach like him someday. Cute!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ashley in Hairspray!

On Thursday night, I went with my good friends, Brad and Karen Wilkes
to watch Ashley perform in the musical, Hairspray. What a cute show!
I know that I am a little bias but I think
(and Karen and Brad agree and I'm sure they aren't a bit bias)
that Ashley stole the show!
We were thoroughly impressed with her dancing skills!
SO much fun to watch her! What a performer!
I can't wait to see the show again with Dad and Brooke on Saturday!

Ashley, showing off her dancing skills!

Ashley's roommate, Sydney and Zach Andrews came to see the show.
Zach is one of our good family friends so it was so good to see him and catch up with him!
What a cute kid!

Ashley is honored that her roommate wanted her autograph.

Ashley with our friends, Brad and Karen, who were so sweet to come to her play.

Ohhhhh, I love this cute picture of the two of us!
I'm so proud of Ashley!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Nurse Allie at PRMC

On Thursday, I made a quick trip to Utah to see Ashley's play. (More on that later.)
Since Allie and I got to spend the day together, we drove over to Primary Children's Medical Center,
where Allie works and of course, we took a few pictures.
I was so glad that I got to see the hospital
because in my mind I envisioned Allie working at the old Primary Children's Hospital,
located in The Avenues, which the church used to own.
I have always had a special place in my heart for the hospital.
As a child, I remember collecting pennies for the Primary Children's hospital
along with many others in the church during the "Pennies by the Inch" fundraising efforts.
I loved hearing the stories about sick children who had been treated at that hospital.
I even remember our ward having a "Penny Parade," where I dressed up as a injured child.
Walking with crutches, I pulled Ruth Bushman, my childhood friend, in a wagon around the block.
She was dressed as a child who was ill
and she carried our jar full of pennies that we had collected for the hospital in the red wagon.
The church no longer owns the hospital, (it's now owned by Intermountain Health Care),
but they still have the philosophy, "Children First and Always."
It's a beautiful facility and I'm so glad that Allie has the wonderful opportunity to work there.
I couldn't decide which picture I liked best so I posted both.
That Allie is so dang cute,
plus this way you get a view of the hospital from a couple of different directions.
Allie, we are so proud of you!