Sunday, March 29, 2009

Arizona, Allie and Adorable Grandma & Grandpa Olson!

Allie and I had a fun weekend in Arizona visiting with Grandma and Grandpa Olson. The weather was great, we ate lots of Mexican food (Allie claims that Arizona has the best refried beans ever!), and visited with all the cousins! On Saturday we went to the big Olson family reunion in Mesa. It was fun to reconnect with many of my cousins, aunts and uncles!Since my name is Debra Joyce and Allie's is Allison Joyce, we decided that we need to take a picture with Grandma Joyce Olson! Grandma wasn't too sure about having her picture taken but we think she is very photogenic! She was making Allie and me laugh with her darling comments throughout the photoshot! So adorable!
(These are pictures taken of the proofs so they are a little blurry!)

Grandma adorable!

Steve Nissle (the photographer who did Brett and Kimber's wedding) did a great job! Thanks Steve!

Grandma and Grandpa won "The couple who has been married the longest" award at the reunion!

Allie and me at the reunion! We didn't even plan it, but we match!
Me and my cousin, Vicki, who is my same age. We spent many nights slumberpartying together when we were little!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Saturday night was Sadie's at GBHS! Ashley took one of her best buddies, Spencer! They went as Pam and Jim from The Office! Their group came over to our house for pictures and then went to BJ's for dinner!Pam and Jim from The Office!
Ashley and her friend, Jordan! So cute!
The group picture!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

PowderPuff Football and the Tiger!

Powderpuff was such a blast!! We had the team dinner at our house beforehand, which was kind of crazy, but fun! I played outside linebacker, and I crushed! I was surprisingly aggressive and competitive, considering I don't play sports. We lost 18-0, but I still had so much fun!! ~Ash
The school marque!
Katie, Haley and Ashley, best friends since 1st grade!
There were over 100 girls at the team dinner! Here are a group of them in the back yard eating pizza!
Jordan, Ashley, Hannah and Kara ready to play with their facepaint and headbands on!
The coaches table!
Dani and Ashley!
A group of girls decorating their flags! Yes, PowderPuff Football dinners are a little different than the Grizzly Football team dinners! Coach Cooper would have died watching the girls applying the facepaint, decorating their flags and braiding their hair! The girls definitely looked good!
Ashley showing off the back of her jersey with her nickname, Tiger!
Christine, Ashley, Annie and Brooke after the game!
Ashley and Brooke are all smiles after the game!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

King Gilbert Track Meet!

This weekend was the annual King Gilbert Invitational held at Granite Bay High School. Ashley started off the day by singing the national anthem and she was amazing! Mom and Dad were super busy as volunteers. Mom helped give out awards and Dad helped move the starting blocks. Thanks so much! As for me, I ran the 3200 and got 1st place! Unfortunately the wind and my cold slowed down my time, but it was a very fun meet.

Monday, March 9, 2009

SkiFest 2009 ~ Part II

Our dear friends from Granite Bay, the Duffey's and Jack's (both couples are from our old Weddington neighborhood), and the Skinner's, and Giddings joined us in Park City for 4 days of skiing and fun! It snowed the first night that they arrived so the next morning we woke up to fresh powder! It was awesome! We had a great time with our good friends...skiing, eating, and shopping together! Lots of laughs and lots of fun!

The group outside the lodge at Deer Valley!

Liz in knee deep powder, skiing The Pines at The Canyons!

The group at dinner at The Westgate Grill!

Mark and Mark in the parking lot at Deer Valley!

Debbie, Sue Jack, Liz Skiing and Karen Duffey waiting for the shuttle at Deer Valley!

Rob Giddings, Debbie and Sue Jack riding the shuttle at Deer Valley!

Mark, Doug Jack, Liz & Mark Skinner and Karen on the shuttle!

Debbie, Karen Duffey, Liz and Karen Giddings on the slopes at Deer Valley!

Sue & Doug Jack after lunch at Deer Valley!

Tim & Karen Duffey!

Mark and Liz Skinner!

Doug found a furry friend to ski with!

Kramer joined us at Deer Valley!

Debbie and Liz posing at the end of the day!

The diehards at the end of a snowy day!

The shoppers at the end of the day!

The girls waiting for the shuttle!

Dinner at Grappa's...our favorite!

Sue and Doug Jack!

Mark and Debbie!

Liz and Mark Skinner!

Tim and Karen Duffey!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

SkiFest 2009 ~ Part I

Mark and I are in Park City enjoying 10 days of fun and skiing! Kimber and Brett flew in from New York and joined us the first weekend. They got 4 days of skiing in, took the red eye home late Saturday night and made it back just in time for church! Tyler and Allie came up on the weekend. They didn't get to ski because they had to study. Such good kids! On Saturday, Brett's brother, Mark, and his Aunt and Uncle, Julie and Jason Chaffetz joined us for dinner on Main Street. It was a great weekend!
Mark and Debbie enjoying the sunshine at The Canyons!
Kimber and Brett joined us for 4 days of unbelievable snow and sunshine!
Brett and Kimber on the long chair ride up the hill.
Brett and Kimber pointing to Super Fury, Brett's favorite black diamond run!
Dad and Mom at dinner!

Brett and Kimber!

Allie, Mark and Tyler!
Jason and Julie Chaffetz
The Crandalls and the Chaffetz enjoying dinner!
The Crandall's and Holt's at Cisero's on Main Street!