Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Annual Shopping in San Francisco trip...with Dad!

Every year, the girls and I always head to San Francisco the Monday before Thanksgiving to spend a day Christmas shopping together. We actually didn't have a lot of Christmas shopping to do this year but the focus of our attention was going to be on finding "the perfect" WinterBall dress for Ashley. Dad expressed some interest in this quest for a dress and suggested that we wait until Tuesday afternoon, when he would be off from work so that he could join us! Dad, being the expert shopper that he is, most certainly was more than welcome and we were confident in his ability to find the "perfect" WinterBall dress for Ashley!

After we arrived and parked (that's a whole 'nother story...too long for this post...parking in the city is always an adventure!) We headed straight for the Jessica McClintock store. After Allie, Dad, Brooke and Mom made a number of suggestions of possible choices for dresses, Ashley, announced, "Well, I kinda feel like, if you get a dress from the Jessica McClintock store, that for sure there will be someone else at the dance with the same dress." To which Dad, who was dazed and confused, replied, "Then why are we at this store?" We tried to explain to dad that even if you have no intention of buying something at a store, does not mean that you don't need to go into the store and just look! It's all part of the process and experience of WinterBall dress shopping. At that, he put back all the dresses that he had gathered for Ashley to try on and we walked out of the Jessica McClintock store empty handed.

We crossed the street and made our way over to Macy's, took the escalator to the 5th floor, found a number of darling dresses for Ashley to try on and sent her to the dressing room. She came out and modeled the first dress and it was gorgeous and she looked stunning in it! We all agreed that she didn't have to try anymore dresses on, this was "the perfect" WinterBall dress and we were done looking. It was just too easy!! Allie, of course, had to complain about how there are much cuter modest dresses now than when she was in high school and then she reminded us of all the homely dresses that she wore to every dance and we giggled and laughed. I hope she isn't too scarred because of it:)!!! But it is true, there are a lot more options out there right now and I love it!! I don't know if it was because dad was there to help shop or what, but finding a cute, but modest dress for Ashley and Brooke this year was much less painful than ever! Yeah!

The girls in front of Macy's,
as we begin our shopping adventure!

Dad and his girls are all smiles,
after we found "the perfect" dress!

Caffe Sport

After our successful shopping experience, we drove over to North Beach to Caffe Sport, one of our favorite italian restaurants when dad and I were in dental school! Favorite means that we actually only went there 2 times because we really couldn't afford to eat there. We went once with our friends, the Anderson's, who introduced us to the place and then we went with our parents after graduation.

The five of us after an incredible authentic Italian dinner!
It was truly, as good as I remember it, 22 years ago!

Allie serving herself some yummy pasta,
with a portrait of a creepy man on the wall behind her!

The girls got all giggly and silly after dinner...
it happens everytime these 3 get together!

The same exact decor that covered
the walls and ceiling 22 years ago!
It hasn't changed a bit!

Allie, helping advertise for Happy Hour
at the Columbus cafe next door.
That Allie is always so willing to lend a helping hand!

Monday, November 23, 2009

What are you thankful for?

At this Thanksgiving time, let us all pause and reflect upon the things that we are most thankful for. Here is a video for all to enjoy:

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ashley's Trip to NYC!

Ashley flew to NYC to spend the rest of her
birthday weekend with Kimber and Brett.
They enjoyed a few days of sightseeing, shopping, and visiting.
Kimber's friend, Natalie Hill, is the understudy
for the lead in "Bye Bye Birdie",
so for Ashley's birthday,
Kimber arranged to have Natalie give Ashley
a private voice lesson,
tickets to see the show and after the show,
Natalie was so kind and gave them a backstage tour.
Ashley loved it and it was definitely
the highlight of her weekend.
Thanks Kimber, for being a wonderful host
and arranging such a fun birthday surprise!
Pretty fun!

{The cute pictures and layouts are from Kimber's blog. Thanks!}

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Celebrating Ashley's 18th Birthday at Apple Hill!

To celebrate Ashley's 18th birthday this year, she and her friend,
Matt drove up to Apple Hill to spend the day, since they didn't have school.
Ashley has a very cool birthday 11/11/91, Veteran's Day
and has never had to go to school on her birthday!
Brooke, Bree and Mom decided to head up to Apple Hill
and surprise her with birthday cupcakes and candles,
a birthday sign, party hats, and balloons.
We headed up to our favorite spots, High Hill,
and spread out the tablecloth, blew up balloons,
rolled out the cupcakes, threw confetti everywhere and
waited for Ashley and Matt to arrive.
Yes! She was surprised
and thought it was hysterically funny
to see Brooke and Bree holding up the birthday sign for her!
It's nice to know that Ashley and Brooke will forever be "the little girls",
Even when you are 18 years old!

Brooke and Bree, waiting for Ashley to arrive!
Standing with the sign and balloons wasn't enough...
they had to get on a bench to get Ashley's attention!

Ashley and Matt laughing at Brooke and Bree,
standing on the bench holding the sign!

Happy Birthday, Ashley!

Ashley blowing out her candles!
Actually, we couldn't get the candles to stay lit
because the wind was blowing them out
but she was gracious enough to pose
for the all important "blowing out the candles" picture!
Thanks Ashley! You are a good sport!
Ash and Matt. Cute.

Brooke, our 16 year old, that loves to party like a kid!
I think she wore that hat the rest of the day! JK!
Actually, I think she gave the party hat to the little kid
that was crying because he wanted a hat and balloon
but his mom told him that "he wasn't invited to our birthday party."

Matt and Ashley at High Hill, one of our favorite stops at Apple Hill.

Matt really got into the party blowers!
I think that is when the little boy started crying and
told his mom that he wanted to go to our party.
Matt made it look so fun!
Mom and Ashley at High Hill, right by the fishing pond!
We love that place.
So many good memories...
like the time that Dad was helping Tyler,
who was only about 4 years old,
catch a fish in the net, they got a little too close
and Tyler fell into the fishing pond!
Brooke and Bree, standing in an apple orchard.

Matt, jumping in a cornfield.

Ash and Matt, in front of the old mill.

Brooke and Bree, looking cute!


After eating their last donuts...feeling a little sick!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

GBHS Homecoming 2009

Ashley was excited to be in the Homecoming Royalty court this year
with many of her dearest friends from high school.

Her dad was honored and excited to be her escort during the half-time festivities
but a bit nervous that he might trip going up the stairs to the stage,...fortunately he managed them quite well and didn't make a scene. Good job Dad!

Ashley looked beautiful in her gorgeous red dress
and fabulous red shoes!

Dad wanted to make sure that his suit complimented her outfit
so I had to go out and buy a new tie to match the dress!

They both looked smashing
and made a darling looking couple!

It was a fun night for us all!
Homecoming 2009

Ashley coming around the track in the convertible.

Dad helping Ash out of the car.

Dad whispering to Ashley, "You are a princess!
You will always be my little princess!"
Something that he has said to all of his girls
as far back as they can remember.

Father and daughter, walking arm in arm,
across the stage together! Cute!

Dad telling Ashley again, "Remember you are a princess
and you will always be my little princess forever!"
Then he gave her a kiss
and as usual, a few tears were shed by dad
...a tradition that he has continued
everytime he shares a sweet or
sentimental moment with his kids.
Gosh! I love that about that guy!

Ashley standing with her good friend, Mason James.

Dad and Ashley after half-time, posing on the track.

Ashley and Brooke together!

Ashley and her proud parents!

So glad that Kimber could come out
and enjoy the Homecoming festivities and take pictures!!

Ashley and Craig, better known as "Team Crash!"

Ashley and her dearest friend,
Spencer Kimes, who won Homecoming King!

Earlier that day at the rally:
Ashley and Brooke just before the rally!

Ashley with her rally escort and favorite teacher, Mr. Pagel.

The infamous Team Crash looking so fine!

Spence and Ash

Ashley and Mason