Saturday, May 29, 2010

Our College Coed finally graduates from High School!

Even though Ashley technically graduated in December
and has been attending BYU this past winter semester,
she has been home this past month, just in time to enjoy all the "Senior" actvities,
which included Senior Ball, Senior ditch day, Day at the Bay, the Senior prank, and graduation!
Dad kept teasing that he wasn't going to go to graduation unless she was on the program.
So Ashley and her friend, Craig wrote a song
and were chosen to perform it at graduation.
It was clever and cute,
and I know I'm a little bias, but I think it was the best entertainment of the day!

"Team Crash" performing their original song, "Just the Beginning."

Ashley receiving her diploma and a handshake from "Grandpa Pinney!"

Over 20 beachballs were tossed in the air during the ceremony.
I think it was a record number.
Even a couple of the beachballs that dad hands out at the office went flying in the air!
Notice the neon green ball at the top that says!
It made dad kinda proud!
Yay! Free advertisement!

Dad with one of his green beachballs!

The family with Ashley!

Brooke and Tyler with Ashley, the most recent Holt graduate.

Proud Mom and Dad!

Ashley with Mr. Del'Orto, one of her favorite teachers,
who delivered the Faculty Address at the graduation ceremony.
Ashley with her dear friends, Billy Marsden, the salutatorian,
Spencer Kimes, and Matt Zabrowski.

Ashley and Dani Nations. She loves her...a lot!

Ashley and Spencer. We all love him...a lot!

Craig and Ash or as they affectionately call themselves, "Team Crash!"
They make quite a pair!

Ashley and Matt Zabrowski.

Taylor and Ashley.

Ashley and Joseph, they have been friends since they were babies!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Meet the MCs at the Quarry Ponds Fundraiser

Ashley and her friend, Craig were asked to MC a GBHS fundraiser at Quarry Ponds last night.
Dad, Brooke and I went over to watch and enjoyed dinner at Toast!
Craig and Ashley did a great job MCing,
especially since they were given little or no instructions or direction from the lady in charge.
In fact, she took off before the event was over
so Ashley and Craig were left to wrap up the show.
Those two together are a dynamic duo!

"Team Crash" back together!

Who would have guessed that after MCing the GBHS pep rallies
a couple of times...that they would go pro?!!

With student government the opportunities are endless!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Second at Sections

Brooke ran a gutsy race last night at Sections.
She took the lead after the 3rd lap, coughing and wiping the snot from her nose
(sorry...that was probably too much information, but true.)
She has been fighting a terrible cough and cold
but was determine to run and win sections.
She ran an incredible race with a time of 10:59.
A great time considering she was so sick.
She is looking forward to Masters next week when she is hopefully heathly
and when she can crush the girl who beat her by .5 seconds.

Go Bear!

Justin came to cheer Brooke on.
Still adjusting to the climate change from Brazil,
poor Justin wrapped two blankets around himself,
trying to keep warm.
Brooke with Coach Sturgeon.

Brooke with her fans, Jack, Ashley and Justin, who was still trying to keep warm.

After the race we posed for another family track picture
then headed to Cheesecake to celebrate.
BTW, did I mention that it was cold?! That's right...I'm wearing my winter coat!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Another Oklahoma Sooner!

Tyler will be attending dental school a little "sooner" than he thought!
This morning he got a phone call
from the University of Oklahoma dental school admissions office
informing him that there had been a spot for the 2010 class that opened up
and asked if he would be interested in filling that position.
He let the secretary know that, of course, he was very interested and excited
and would definitely be there if he got accepted.
A couple of hours later, they called to officially offer acceptance to dental school
and of course, he said, "Yes! I'll be there!"
Be there means be in Oklahoma to start school on June 28th.
What the?!!
He gets married June 11th, leaves on his honeymoon June 13-18th,
California reception is June 19th and then move to Oklahoma,
and be ready to start school Monday, June 28th.
Kinda crazy! But he is so he keeps saying, "It's so surreal!"

Tyler put on Dad's OU shirt
and drove down to Dad's office with Mom
to deliver the good news in person.

The staff at dad's office was so excited!
They made Tyler "ring the bell"
which the kid's normally ring when they get their braces off.

Dad, Tyler and Mom...just a little happy!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

A New 3200 SFL Finals Record!

Brooke ran a perfect race last night
and broke her own League Finals record by 16 seconds!
She tucked in behind Karlie Garcia the entire race
and then with 2 laps to go she sprinted ahead
to take the lead and never looked back.
It was a great night for the 3-time 3200 SFL champion!

Brooke making her move to take the lead!

I love how Brooke makes it looks so easy as she charges forward and leaves her opponent behind.

Sprinting to the finish line.

On the medals stand. Nice shorts tan line!

Ash and Brooke making their "bear" faces.

Ashley posing with "The Bear" and her medal.

Tyler and Ashley with the league champion.

Mom and Dad are ready to celebrate with Brooke.

Ashley is surprised and honored to be awarded
a medal for being the "Best Sister of The Bear award."

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

I got to hang out with these cute girls yesterday, along with Tyler & Sonya and Dad!
We missed Brett and Kimber but enjoyed talking to them on the phone!
We went to Justin's homecoming and heard Ashley sing. Both Justin and Ashley did a great job!
Dad BBQed for dinner. Yum! The kids and dad showered me with sweet gifts. Thanks!
And we roasted marshmellows by the fire and watched photos from Justin's mission.
It was a perfect Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A day at Folsom Lake

We never head to the lake this early in the year, but since everyone was in town
(except Brett & Kimber) we thought we would pull out the wet suits and see if the boat still runs!
Gotta love that worked like a charm,
even the warm shower was running,
which felt wonderful after being in that cold water!
We took the boat out to the middle of the lake and enjoyed our Beach Hut deli sandwiches.
One of our favorite family traditions, eating a picnic lunch in the middle of the lake.
The water was calm, no boats in sight, and the sun shining on our faces.
It just doesn't get much better than that!
For the past 18 summers we have enjoyed taking that boat to Folsom lake.
Lots of good memories on the lake with the boat.
With Tyler and Ashley home this summer, it looks like we will enjoy another season of fun!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Sonya's California Shower

My incredible friends, Marci and Ann Marie gave Sonya a shower here in California last night!
They truly outdid themselves this time!
The invitations that Marci made were adorable, so clever and cute!!
And then the spread that they had last night was amazing with yummy desserts, 2 gorgeous cakes, fruit salad and more!
It was a fun time for Tyler's friends, my friends, Tyler's friend's moms and Tyler's "other mothers" to meet Sonya!
Thanks to Marci and Ann Marie for being such amazingly talented hostesses!

Sonya, with the wonderful hostesses, Ann Marie and Marci and the Holt girls.
I snapped a few pictures of the gorgeous spread before the shower truly was lovely!