Saturday, May 8, 2010

A day at Folsom Lake

We never head to the lake this early in the year, but since everyone was in town
(except Brett & Kimber) we thought we would pull out the wet suits and see if the boat still runs!
Gotta love that worked like a charm,
even the warm shower was running,
which felt wonderful after being in that cold water!
We took the boat out to the middle of the lake and enjoyed our Beach Hut deli sandwiches.
One of our favorite family traditions, eating a picnic lunch in the middle of the lake.
The water was calm, no boats in sight, and the sun shining on our faces.
It just doesn't get much better than that!
For the past 18 summers we have enjoyed taking that boat to Folsom lake.
Lots of good memories on the lake with the boat.
With Tyler and Ashley home this summer, it looks like we will enjoy another season of fun!

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Kimber said...

Looks like so much fun! I'm so impressed with the photo of Sonya on the wakeboard!!