Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Christmas in Park City 2013!

Although, it wasn't our year to have all the married kids at our place to celebrate Christmas,
I believe that we were really lucky to get to spend time with almost everyone of them
at one time or another during the Christmas break.
Most of the kids made sure that they routed their flights through Salt Lake and
took a few days on either end so they could hit the slopes with the family.
We also had a few kids get bumped from their flights and a few flights got rerouted because of huge storms,
 which meant extra stops in Utah and extra time together with the family in Park City!
It made for a very fun holiday ski time together at our place at the Canyons!
I flew out to Utah early so I could get things ready for Christmas.
But when Tyler, who was out of school early in December, found out
he caught an early flight so that we could have some time to ski together.
It really was fun to be on the slopes with him and I'm grateful he came.
There wasn't quite enough snow to ski down to our home, 
but that didn't stop us from trying.  Tyler and I blazed a trail.
We got almost all the way down the mountain, 
when we turned the corner, and this is what we came upon.
So we took off our skis and hiked down the hill a ways
until we found a large enough patch of snow to make our way home.
It was a fun adventure, but we took the gondola home the next day:)!
Then this cute little thing and her cute mom came to hang out with us,
on her way down to Arizona to spend Christmas at the Crandall's house.
Cheri was excited to take her first gondola ride 
and excited that it was snowing outside!
Kimber and Cheri met up with us at lunch time at Red Pine lodge
and we had so much fun pulling Cheri in her red sled!
Cheri seemed to love it...
So we each took a turn pulling her around in her sled.
Kimber and her cute Cheri playing in the snow.
We could do this all day long.
And Cheri was having so much fun, I think she wouldn't mind if we did!
We tried to stop and get a picture and each time we stopped,
 Cheri would always get a puzzled look on her face,
as if to say, "Why are you stopping?!  More!  More!"
Brooke took the day off from school to join us on the slopes!
Cheri is just starting to take a few steps 
and she got a kick out of walking on the snow.
Look at that smile!
Such a happy baby!  So glad that she and her mom came to visit!
More rides in the sled!
The girls are tired out so we put Tyler in charge of pulling the sled!
That smile is the cutest!
Such a fun, snowy day at Canyons!
We were so excited and happy when Dad arrived 
that Brooke and Ashley finished their finals early
 so that they could come up and play with us!
We had such a fun time together!  Grandpa took Cheri on her first ski run.
He hiked up the hill and held her in front and skied down the hill.
She loved it and Grandpa loved that she loved it!
I think she will be ready for skis next year!
With a little bit of fresh snow, we spent the rest of the day hitting it hard, 
trying to find all the fresh powder on the hill.
As you can see, coverage was a little bit sketchy at times 
so Brooke and Tyler had to make sure they didn't hit a bush or run over a tree!
We were all smiles!  You just can't see mine because it was so cold!
I rarely take that neck gator off when I'm on the chairlift, even for pictures!
It was sunny and beautiful the next day.
And Dad was so happy to have fresh powder and sun!
Actually, he was most happy about having new snow, 
and I was most happy about having some sunshine!
Yep!  It was pretty gorgeous that day!
Perfect way to end Tyler's ski vacation!
So, while we were up skiing that day, a big storm was brewing in Oklahoma.
Sonya was supposed to fly out the next day but got word that her flight was cancelled.
I got on the phone with Delta and they were so great and rebooked her 
on the next flight out of Oklahoma via Salt Lake!!
We were SO excited to get a surprise visit with Sonya!
So Sonya showed Ashley how to make her famous toffee. Yum!
Since all the girl (except Allie) were together, I decided to give them their Christmas PJs.
These are some of my all-time favorite jammies from Cwonder that Brooke and I have been so excited about!
Flannel ski jammies from Cwonder!  Love 'em!
So Tyler and Sonya flew out the next day to spend Christmas with the Andersons in Arizona.
And Allie and Justin flew in on their way to California, where they will be spending Christmas.
We decided to take them to Deer Valley, where we usually spend Christmas day
and enjoy a nice day of skiing and lunch at Empire Pass, one of our Holt traditions!
SO glad that these two could come ski with us!
And Ashley was pretty excited to ski with her Al Pal!
Back at Canyons for another day of skiing!
We stopped by the hotel next to our place to see the gingerbread houses display.
Back at home, we relaxed and enjoyed the Christmas decorations!
We don't have a lot of decorations everywhere 
but what we do have are lots of snow flakes, snowmen, 
snowflakes, skiing or moose.  Dad loves his moose!
Even the nightlight is a snowman... a little creepy but kind of cute!
Christmas morning was kind of quiet with just mom and dad and the little girls,
but we had fun!  After we opened our presents, someone said, 
"Let's take pictures of the girls in our ski PJs!" and then someone suggested that we go outside
and the next minute we are climbing up the hill across the street in our PJs,
posing just right to get the perfect picture!  Dad did a good job capturing the moment!  
And the best part was when a skier skied by and wished us a Merry Christmas!
We finally made it up the hill and guess who we run into...
one of our dearest and most favorite ski family, the Williams!
We couldn't have timed it more perfectly!
Gosh!  We love these two!  And have spent many, many wonderful times 
on the ski slopes with Doug and Rhonda!  All that was missing was Brad and Karen!
It was a perfect way to spend Christmas with the Williams!
Later in the week, Dad and Brooke went hiking with the kids Christmas present.
Dad gave the kids a beacon, shovel and backpack that blows up if you are in an avalanche,
making an air pocket so you can breath and it will save your life.
At least, that's what Mark told me.
They all had to go through a training course so they know how to use it
before they could hike and ski out of bounds!
I don't know who was more excited about the kid's present...
actually I do... Mark was most excited!  
But once the kids skied out of bounds with Mark, 
they were SO excited that dad went bought another set 
so that both Ashley and Brooke can ski together!
But this photo was taken before Dad bought the other set 
so on this day it was just Brooke and Dad hiking!
Heading up the mountain!
Doesn't that look fun?!  (I'm being sarcastic!)
Carrying the backpack, skis, beacon and shovel up the hill is a lot of work!
But they all assured me it was totally worth it!
While Brooke and Dad are hiking, Ashley and I are waiting for them 
at the bottom of 9990 and having fun!  Can't you tell!?
Dad and Ashley had a race down Doc's Run on the way home one afternoon.
Notice the sign "Check your Speed!"  Dad said they were checking their speed and it was just fine! Ha! Ha!
So Allie and Justin had a layover on their way back to Philly at the end of their trip to California.
And then Tyler and Sonya got bumped from their flight back to Oklahoma
they had to get rebooked, so they asked if they could have a layover in Salt Lake,
and they said, "Sure!" and it overlapped with Allie and Justin's layover!
What a fun surprise to get to pick all of them up from the airport at the same time!
Allie and Justin's layover was only about 4 hours long 
but it was long enough to jump in the jacuzzi!
They were just a little excited to have a little extra time together!
One night, we went over to the Midway Ice Castles, 
which as you can see, Dad is pretty excited about!
And apparently, Brooke is too!
Beautiful views everywhere you look!
It was a chilly but fun night!  I'm glad that we didn't miss this!
Truly an amazing and unique ice structure... I mean castle!
Such a fun night with these two!
We had fun ringing in the New Year with Brook and Ashley...
and about 50+ of their friends!  I didn't get any pictures of all of the kids,
but I did snap this picture of the mudroom with all of their coats, shoes, backpacks and purses.
This photo tells it all!  Super fun night with a bunch of college kids!
We wanted to get a photo before everyone got there, of the four of us celebrating together.
So we gave the camera to one of their friends and 
told him to just click away and this is what we got!
I couldn't decide which one we like best so I'm posting them all cause they are too funny!
It was a fun night and a great way to end our Christmas/New Year's holiday together!