Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Fun on Folsom Lake

Brooke is all smiles! But do you blame her?
It's a gorgeous night out on the lake, enjoying sandwiches from BeachHut,
tubing and wakeboarding with good friends...
it just doesn't get much better than that!

Brooke and Kevin, the unsuspecting "victims" of dad's boatdriving!

Just chatting and having a good time until...

Dad decides to take them for a ride.

Brooke's a bit scared!

Getting a little air.

Kevin struggling to hold on.

That's when Brooke's calf landed on Kevin.

Yeah. Brooke definitely hit Kevin in the head.

And he looks like such a nice boat driver.

Brooke starts to fall off the tube.

Kevin is so nice and reaches out and gives her a hand...

and pulls her back on the tube.

Kevin is still holding on...

Notice the hands.

And still...

Kevin refuses to ever let go.

Allison wants to get in on the fun.

Hold on, Allison!


No this is silly...
Brooke's swimsuit has a skirt and she can still wakeboard. NBD.

Silly again!

So much for being Mr. Nice Guy!

Since he couldn't push Brooke off the tube...

he decided to pull her off...

of course, he had to go first!

There they go...overboard!

Allison is not even sure what happened!

The kids at the end of the night,
ready to head to AM/PM for their well deserved treat!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bobsleds and Birthday Celebrations

To celebrate my birthday, the kids decided that we needed to do the Bobsled ride at the Olympic park.
I tried to be brave, but was seriously scared to death,
so scared that I didn't sleep much the night before and woke up thinking I was going to bail on everyone.
But then I pulled it together, gave myself a peptalk,
managed to keep my fear undercontrol and decided to be a team player!
Yay! for cute kids that get a kick out having their mom join them in all of their fun activities
and are always encouraging and cheering me on. Even when it's doing silly things like riding the bobsled!

The gang, looking good in their helmets and ready to ride the bobsled.

Allie and Justin getting ready to ride the bobsled.

Allie was pretty excited to wear this helmet!

Mom and Dad sporting their helmets, which was so tight that it squished my cheeks.
But I was so nervous that I didn't even noticed until I looked at this picture. Ha! Ha!

Dad and his "little girls."

Justin and Dad giving "The Comet" a push!

Justin, Allie and Ashley are getting last minute instructions.

Dad is ready to send them down the bobsled course.

And their off...

We survived!
The gang at the bottom of the course with our driver!

Allie and Justin enjoying a snack,
while watching the jumpers go off the ramps.

One of the many cool jumpers, showing great form.

Another great performance!

One of the extreme jumpers!

This guy was heading straight for a belly flop into the water. Ouch!

The cutest beginner at the top of the beginners ramp.

Another beginner jumping from the small ramp.
And another beginner, showing off his great technique!

And then, the best moment of the day and I captured it on camera!
An older lady biffed it at the top of the beginner ramp. It was classic!
She was actually such a good sport. She tumbled twice while going down the ramp
before she took this remarkable spill, but each time she got up smiling and laughing,
and then would climb back in line to try once again. I give her credit!
The kids in front of the statue at the Olympic Park!

Allie and Justin, always looking cute!
That night we took the kids to Chimayo, one of our favorite restaurants on Main Street.
Every entree that we ordered was incredibly delicious
(we always order "family style" and pass our plates around
so that everyone can try a little bit of everything.)
And for dessert, we ordered the chocolate fondue.
A wonderful and delicious way to celebrate!

Stuffed Chicken "Nachos Grande Style", the kids favorite dish.

Justin and Allie with their entrees.

Allie and the Crown Roast of Barbequed Spareribs,
which was incredible, not only the presentation but it tasted simply amazing!

The chocolate fondue. Yum!
There's nothing better than dipping a churro, a mexican wedding cookie
or a strawberry into a pan full of chocolate on your birthday!
The kids are ready to dig in!

Brooke and I thought the decorative lights hanging outside of Chimayo were gorgeous,
so we had to get a picture with them so we could remember how cute they are!