Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Hike to Red Pine Lodge

On Wednesday, we hiked to the top of the gondola,
which is where Red Pine Lodge is located
(or in other words, lunch! The motivating factor for some of us!)
We took Holly's Trail, which started right outside our door
and hiked up to Sun Peak lodge, passing many of our favorite ski runs,
then on to Look Out lodge,
and then our final destination, Red Pine Lodge!
Lunch was delicious and view was breathtaking,
sitting outside at the base of Saddleback, looking up to 9990.
After lunch, we heading down on the gondola,
then hopped on the Cabriolet,
where we ended up down at The Canyons parking lot,
where the Wednesday Farmer's Market
(which is another PC favorite) was in full swing.
We did a little shopping, saved a baby that was in a runaway stroller
(seriously, a mother and grandmother were so distracted shopping
that they didn't even notice their stroller rolling down the hill
so Allie and I grabbed the stroller as it was just about to pass us.
Classic!) and ended the day,
enjoying a fresh fruit soft serve ice cream cone.

Beginning our hike, just past the old Golden Eagle chair.
(Which, by the way, is being replaced by a high speed quad! Yay!)

Hiking through the gorgeous aspens.

Super Fury, Brett's favorite ski run!

Our guide and fearless leader, Mark, checking the trail map!

Brooke, at the base of Super Fury,
which looks even more intimidating in the summer than in the winter,
shows her enthusiasm for dominating this black diamond run!

Posing in front of Sun Peak, on of our favorite locations to grab lunch. They definitely serve up some of the best french fries on the mountain!
Nothing better than the fries at Sun Peak, some fry sauce
and of course, a cold diet pepsi after a challenging morning of skiing The Pines!

Brooke is all thumbs up as she hikes up to the top ridge to Look Out.

Dad and Allie are so intense about making it up to the top that they can't even stop for a picture.

Brooke and Dad pausing to pose for a pic on the hill.

The beautiful view of the trail to the top.

Allie grabbing a drink from Brooke's camelback.
As dad says, "Hydrate or die!"

The view looking down at the ski run, Black hole.

Midway up the hill, looking back at Sun Peak lodge
and over to another one of our favorite lifts, Condor.

At the top of the ridge, near Look Out lodge,
where the Mid Mountain trail runs into Holly's trail.

At the top of the ridge, looking back to the direction Sidewinder,
the ski run that takes you from the top of Tombstone, down to Red Pine lodge.

The gang and Dad's scope at the top of the ridge.
Yes, dad brought his scope to see the wildlife,
but alas, we didn't see much. It was too late in the day.

Brooke and Allie with Red Pine Lodge in the background.

Dad and his scope, looking for a moose.

Allie and Brooke with 9990 in the far background.

Brooke with the "Wildlife" sign.

Posing with the gorgeous aspen along the trail.

Dad and Brooke on the other side of the stream.

Arriving at our final destination, Red Pine lodge. Time for lunch!

Brooke and her burger. Yum!

Dad's salmon. Yum! Yum!

Brooke and Allie outside of Red Pine lodge with 9990 in the far back.

Ready to jump on the gondola and head down the hill.
Brooke enjoying the ride on the gondola.

The view of Doc's run from the gondola.

Allie and Brooke on the Cabriolet, excited for the Farmer's market.
We hiked up from the Cabriolet, through the construction area to Vintage with no problem. Dad was a little doubtful that we could manage
but we assured him that his girls could handle the detour,
and all was well, until dad climbed through the last wall of caution tape
and ripped the whole thing down with his backpack.
To his credit, he was carrying all of his "great finds"
that he bought at the Farmer's market and balancing the scope in his backpack.
Never a dull moment with Dad!
Dad tying the caution tape together...trying to hide the evidence!

Arriving safely back home at Vintage!

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