Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ski Week in Utah!

We spent a fun week in Utah which involved lots of friends and family enjoying:

  • lots of skiing,
  • lots of fresh powder,
  • lots of eating,
  • lots of hot chocolate,
  • lots of hours watching the Olympics,
  • a competitive "Candy Bar Game"
  • and a few rambuncious and controversial games of "Love-O-Dometer!"
    (You will have to ask Mark Crandall for all of the details:)!)
  • lots of heart shaped sugar cookies,
  • and lot of love!

Thanks everyone for joining us on the slopes and at the cabin for all the fun!

Sonya getting on her "game face on"
as she skis the powder on The Pines!

Mark, strikes his "Lindsey Vonn" pose and
follows Sonya down the mountain!

Mark points to the sign of his first black diamond run!

Sonya, showing her excitement about "The Drop",
which she successfully skied a month ago and
was excited to take Mark down the black diamond run!
BTW, "black diamond" means that they are the most difficult
runs on the hill. It's kind of a big deal!

Tyler and Sonya at the end of the run down The Pines,
decide to take a break and sit/lay in the fresh powder!
I don't blame them a bit...skiing fresh powder is a lot of work!

Take a look at the run that Tyler took Sonya down!
She is a good sport and it's amazing that she is still smiling!

Cutest cousins!

Ashley, Allie and Sonya posing for "sisters picture!"

Mark wanted to get in on the fun
but as he made his way down the slope
and turned to pose for the picture,
he took out Sonya and dragged her down the hill.
So Mark decided to bag the idea of joining the "sisters picture"
and struck his own "girl catching" pose!

Kramer and Brooke skiing down Doc's run at the end of the day!

Brooke enjoying a nice run after a full day of skiing.
Go Bear!

Tyler is the first to roll doubles and
gets busy unwrapping the candy bar.

Matt, yelling/cheering Kramer on during the Candy bar game!

Sonya tries to grab some chocolate
while wearing the extra large gloves.

Allie trying to get a piece of chocolate bar
before someone rolls a double.

Dad scarfing down the chocolate
and quite enjoying himself!

The crowd goes crazy as Ashley tries to eat
another piece of chocolate!

Tyler and Sonya frosting their sugar cookies.

Mark and Tyler hurrying to frost their sugar cookies
so that they can eat them.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Kramer...the Birthday boy!

We celebrated cousin Kramer's 17th birthday today!
Kramer is the nicest brother, most polite nephew,
a fun cousin, and an amazing skier!
We are so glad that we get to hang out with him
whenever we are to Park City!,
Kramer, blowing out the candles on his cheesecake!

Kramer, skiing the powder on 9990!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Powder in PC!

Today was a powder day in Park City!
I kept my promise* to Mark that I would be on the hill
early on any powder day to catch the first tracks of the day!
I'm glad that I did. The snow was great and so was the company:)!
(Mark made me write those couple of lines
so that I didn't sound "pouty about it!" Whaaaa!)
There were no lift lines, lots of falling snowflakes, and fresh powder,
so Mark and I skied The Pines and made tracks all day long!
(Actually we had to quit at noon...our legs couldn't take much more
...sad, I know, but true!)

We took one run on The Aspens
but decided that The Pines had the best snow.

Dad skiing The Pines.
*Last year Mark really wanted to start doing some "backcountry skiing." He did all the research and was excited and ready to buy a beacon, shovel and other items that pertain to backcountry skiing or as I refer to, the items necessary to locate and retreive the body after an avalanche! I, being the more cautious and responsible one in our relationship said, "NO!" to backcountry skiing because it's much too dangerous! I told Mark that I wanted him to stick around for awhile and if something happened to him, who will teach the grandkids to ski?!" After some arm twisting and deal making, Mark agreed to give up on his dream of backcountry skiing but only if I agreed to get up early and be the first on the hill on every powder day...for the rest of my life! I think I won that round!

Monday, February 8, 2010

It's Official...Tyler and Sonya are Engaged!

We are so happy to announce that
Tyler and Sonya are getting married June 11, 2010!
Tyler proposed last Saturday night and Sonya said, "Yes!"
We couldn't be happier!
They are a great couple and so in love!
Congratulations, Tyler and Sonya!

Posing outside of La Caille.

Tyler with the basket of goodies.

With the ring on her finger, Sonya is all smiles!

The happy couple!

The storybook that Tyler made for Sonya.

They are getting married in the Mesa Arizona Temple.

The bouquet of flowers that Tyler gave Sonya.