Thursday, February 11, 2010

Powder in PC!

Today was a powder day in Park City!
I kept my promise* to Mark that I would be on the hill
early on any powder day to catch the first tracks of the day!
I'm glad that I did. The snow was great and so was the company:)!
(Mark made me write those couple of lines
so that I didn't sound "pouty about it!" Whaaaa!)
There were no lift lines, lots of falling snowflakes, and fresh powder,
so Mark and I skied The Pines and made tracks all day long!
(Actually we had to quit at noon...our legs couldn't take much more
...sad, I know, but true!)

We took one run on The Aspens
but decided that The Pines had the best snow.

Dad skiing The Pines.
*Last year Mark really wanted to start doing some "backcountry skiing." He did all the research and was excited and ready to buy a beacon, shovel and other items that pertain to backcountry skiing or as I refer to, the items necessary to locate and retreive the body after an avalanche! I, being the more cautious and responsible one in our relationship said, "NO!" to backcountry skiing because it's much too dangerous! I told Mark that I wanted him to stick around for awhile and if something happened to him, who will teach the grandkids to ski?!" After some arm twisting and deal making, Mark agreed to give up on his dream of backcountry skiing but only if I agreed to get up early and be the first on the hill on every powder day...for the rest of my life! I think I won that round!

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