Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Car Crash into the Kitchen at Vintage!

So I get a call on Saturday informing me that the people that our renting our new place at Vintage accidently ran their car through the garage into our kitchen! That's right! I had to just laugh...and ask, "Are you kidding me? How does someone do something like that?!" Then I asked, "How bad is it?" And the lady said, "I'm just glad that you aren't here to see it because it's pretty bad!" Well, I guess they weren't kidding because here are the pictures! But not to worry...our foreman Glen (the nicest guy in the world!) was there within a few hours boarding up the place and said that he would take care of everything and make it look like new...and I'm sure he will!

Martin Luther King SKI Weekend!

The girls taking an easy run down Saddleback!
Allie being a good sport and posing at "Spider Monkey"!
The girls with Kramer at the top of Tombstone!
Kramer...looking good!
Brooke skiing the moguls on 9990!
Ashley coming down the moguls right after Brooke!
Kramer taking it easy with his cousins.
Allie coming down 9990!
Kramer gave us a lesson on mogul skiing!
Allie showing us all how to look good going down Doc's Run!
Ashley looks good too!
Mom isn't looking too bad either...too bad that guy in the back got in the picture!
And Brooke, always looking good!
And always smiling at the end of a ski day even though she still has to run 10 miles in the snow! That's right every afternoon after skiing a full day! She's amazing!
Dad on his birthday, enjoying the Nachos Grande at Smokie's!
Allie wants to share in the Nachos celebration! That's right "Party Nachos!"
Mom and Dad at Smokie's enjoying Dad's Birthday lunch!Time to head home and call it a Ski day!

The kids in the hot tub after a long day of skiing decide to play "Truth or Dare" which basically means they are going to be running around in the snow!

Ashley's tracks in the snow! She had to run around the tree for her "dare".
Brooke running around the little trees for her "dare."
Brooke trying to smile but her her feet are stinging!
Kramer running down the hill to hit the head off the snowman.
Kramer on his way back!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Celebrating Allie and Dad's Birthdays!

While we were in Utah, we celebrated Allie and Dad's birthdays! A good time was had by all!The Birthday girl and boy blowing out their birthday candles!
Mom and Brooke at Biaggio's at Gateway in SLC!

Dad and Ashley

Dad with his birthday dessert~bread pudding!

Allie and Ashley with her birthday dessert~chocolate cake!

Allie and Dad embrace their "old" age and each other! For Allie, that is a big deal because she's not really into hugs!

Dad and Allie "posing" as the candles are still burning and wax is melting all over the cake!

More "poses" and smiles! Please just blow out the candles!

The birthday cake that Brooke and Mom made with the skier cookie that we found at Smith's! We thought it was quite appropriate to place it on top of Dad's birthday cake!

Allie's birthday had a Zebra theme this year!

Allie posing with her Zebra birthday presents!

Zebra rainboots, brown cords and zebra sweater to match! Allie can't wait for it to rain in Provo!

Okay...I got a little out of control with the Zebra theme...I had no idea how much cute Zebra stuff is out there! I couldn't resist! Plus Allie needed a new shower curtain and kleenex holder anyways!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Allie!

Happy Birthday to our little "Oklahoma Sooner!" We hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy an Oklahoma win tonight!!
This is one of my favorite baby pictures of Allie! Isn't she a beautiful baby? With those big brown eyes, red ruby lips and dark brown hair, I definitely wanted to get a darling picture. Well, this is the best picture that I could get of her when Allie turned 1 year old! This is the third time that I took her to the same photo studio, attempting to get a good picture! The other 2 times she cried throughout the whole photo shoot! In this picture, she is not happy with the situation, but at least she's not throwing a tantrum...yet! If you look closely, you can see a tear in her eye! Two seconds later, she was all out crying! At that point, I told the lady to snap the photo. I wanted her to know what I went through to get a good picture! It is classic with her screaming and kicking! The picture is framed and hangs in Allie's room today and I love looking at it and remembering what a spunky little baby she was! Fortunately, she is much better behaved now and is a much better picture taker! See below, have you ever seen a more photogenic and darling nurse! Allie, we love you and your spunky personality! You have brought us more joy than you will ever know! Happy 21st Birthday! I can't imagine life without our dear Allie! PS I can't wait to celebrate your birthday with you next week! It's going to be crazy:)!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dad is getting ready for the Big Game!! Oklahoma vs. Florida! Go Sooners!

Dad showing some Oklahoma spirit and sporting his OU gear in the front office!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Duathlon at Granite Beach!

Brooke and Allie wanted to compete in a Duathlon held at Granite Beach out at Folsom Lake on Saturday morning. They talked Dad into doing it with them. He's such a good sport! Brooke is in such good shape and she works out everyday so Dad wasn't worried about her. But he was a little concerned about Allie. So everyday, he would encouarge Allie to go bikeriding with him or work out with Brooke to get ready for the race. After going out a couple of times in the cold, Allie quickly returned home from her bike workouts and decided to "gut it out come race day!" Her goal was "to double Brooke's time and to run the whole race." She felt that she could do that without too much preparation...besides, it was really cold outside, especially when you are riding a bike!

Brooke looks a little intense as she passes us on her bike! She lost some time during the bike ride and we were surprised since she bikes with Dad a lot and is in such great shape. After the race she said that she was a little frustrated because "the bike ride was sooo hard and my bike was sooo slow!" When we put the bikes on the bike rack on the car we realized that her front tire was flat!

Allie, on the other hand, seems a little bit too relaxed!

And Dad is just happy to be there having a good time with his girls!

Allie sprinted to the finish line and left dad in the dust!

Dad is happy the race is over! "Time to go to Bill's Donuts!" I think we were the only ones that day that went straight from the race to eat donuts! Ha! Ha!

Ashley was there to support Team Holt!

Allie's goal was to double Brooke's time! I think with Dad's encouragement and Tyler, Mom and Ashley cheering her on, she was able to reach her goal!! Go Allie!