Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Martin Luther King SKI Weekend!

The girls taking an easy run down Saddleback!
Allie being a good sport and posing at "Spider Monkey"!
The girls with Kramer at the top of Tombstone!
Kramer...looking good!
Brooke skiing the moguls on 9990!
Ashley coming down the moguls right after Brooke!
Kramer taking it easy with his cousins.
Allie coming down 9990!
Kramer gave us a lesson on mogul skiing!
Allie showing us all how to look good going down Doc's Run!
Ashley looks good too!
Mom isn't looking too bad either...too bad that guy in the back got in the picture!
And Brooke, always looking good!
And always smiling at the end of a ski day even though she still has to run 10 miles in the snow! That's right every afternoon after skiing a full day! She's amazing!
Dad on his birthday, enjoying the Nachos Grande at Smokie's!
Allie wants to share in the Nachos celebration! That's right "Party Nachos!"
Mom and Dad at Smokie's enjoying Dad's Birthday lunch!Time to head home and call it a Ski day!

The kids in the hot tub after a long day of skiing decide to play "Truth or Dare" which basically means they are going to be running around in the snow!

Ashley's tracks in the snow! She had to run around the tree for her "dare".
Brooke running around the little trees for her "dare."
Brooke trying to smile but her her feet are stinging!
Kramer running down the hill to hit the head off the snowman.
Kramer on his way back!


Kimber said...

Those look great! What a crisp camera!! Amazing!!!!! I am excited to show you more about it in Feb!!

Carrie said...

oh my, oh my! Getting into the hot tub after having those freezing feet would BURN! Yikes! Great pics! Those nachos look yummo...