Sunday, January 4, 2009

Duathlon at Granite Beach!

Brooke and Allie wanted to compete in a Duathlon held at Granite Beach out at Folsom Lake on Saturday morning. They talked Dad into doing it with them. He's such a good sport! Brooke is in such good shape and she works out everyday so Dad wasn't worried about her. But he was a little concerned about Allie. So everyday, he would encouarge Allie to go bikeriding with him or work out with Brooke to get ready for the race. After going out a couple of times in the cold, Allie quickly returned home from her bike workouts and decided to "gut it out come race day!" Her goal was "to double Brooke's time and to run the whole race." She felt that she could do that without too much preparation...besides, it was really cold outside, especially when you are riding a bike!

Brooke looks a little intense as she passes us on her bike! She lost some time during the bike ride and we were surprised since she bikes with Dad a lot and is in such great shape. After the race she said that she was a little frustrated because "the bike ride was sooo hard and my bike was sooo slow!" When we put the bikes on the bike rack on the car we realized that her front tire was flat!

Allie, on the other hand, seems a little bit too relaxed!

And Dad is just happy to be there having a good time with his girls!

Allie sprinted to the finish line and left dad in the dust!

Dad is happy the race is over! "Time to go to Bill's Donuts!" I think we were the only ones that day that went straight from the race to eat donuts! Ha! Ha!

Ashley was there to support Team Holt!

Allie's goal was to double Brooke's time! I think with Dad's encouragement and Tyler, Mom and Ashley cheering her on, she was able to reach her goal!! Go Allie!

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