Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Car Crash into the Kitchen at Vintage!

So I get a call on Saturday informing me that the people that our renting our new place at Vintage accidently ran their car through the garage into our kitchen! That's right! I had to just laugh...and ask, "Are you kidding me? How does someone do something like that?!" Then I asked, "How bad is it?" And the lady said, "I'm just glad that you aren't here to see it because it's pretty bad!" Well, I guess they weren't kidding because here are the pictures! But not to worry...our foreman Glen (the nicest guy in the world!) was there within a few hours boarding up the place and said that he would take care of everything and make it look like new...and I'm sure he will!


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Shannon said...

Holy Cow! Are you serious? I was going to ask if they were drunk or something but then I remembered a story about someone else we know who did the same. That is just crazy! Glad you guys don't have to worry about fixing it up!

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