Thursday, November 27, 2008

Our Thanksgiving Feast!

We had a yummy Thanksgiving dinner with Bruce and Natalie and the cousins. It was so fun to have Tyler and Allie at home! We missed Kimber and Brett but it sounded like they had an incredible Thanksgiving dinner (check out their blog for details!)

Tyler & Allie at home + dinner with the cousins + homemade rolls & brown bag apple pie with extra topping + GB3 ward Turkey bowl + roadtrip to Fresno + a ridiculous attempt by Allie & Ashley to write the Christmas poem followed by lots of laughter + watching Brooke run an amazing race at state in Fresno and yelling "Go Bear! Go!" + early Christmas present from phones for everyone! Mom scored and got the new Iphone! YEAH! + old friends stopping good to see DJ Sheridan, David Wilkes, Arin Scott and Josh Wymzyack! + a wonderful trip to the new mall to pick out our phones + dinner at the new food court at the mall and dessert~yogurt at Red Mango! YUM! + listening to Christmas music & David Archuleta new CD, which Tyler gave to Ashley for her birthday + a Christmas lesson in Young Women's (Yes! We know it's still November but it's never too early to start celebrating Christmas) + Sunday dinner with the kids and sharing what we are most grateful for (I think mom cried the most this year!) + dropping the kids off at the airport, goodbye hugs and a quiet ride home = a wonderful Thanksgiving in Granite Bay!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Race Place Motorsports!

We took the Young Women in our ward to Race Place Motorsports yesterday and had a blast! Thanks to Brent & Sue Webb, who own the place and are so generous and let us come race the cars. The girls had so much fun! Here are some pictures from our activity.

Friday, November 21, 2008

"From Cumorah's Hill"

The youth in our stake having been praticing for the past 3 months for the musical performance of "From Cumorah's Hill". Tonight is the last night of the performance and it has been amazing! The kids have worked so hard and I'm so proud of them! Ashley's solo was incredible! She has such a gorgeous voice! Dad, Ashley, Brooke and Mom after the performance.
Carlie McKeon and Ashley

Ashley and Brooke
Ashley and Sister McNaughton, Noah and baby Lucy. After Ashley's solo Noah said, "Yeah, Ashley!" So cute!
Some of my cute young woman, Katie McGregor, Lauren McFaddyen, Riley and Carlie McKeon and Ashley!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Kimber & Brett in NYC Update!

Bishop and Sister Crandall in front of the Inwood Building.
Last weekend Kimber had to speak at Stake Conference on "Staying Fervent in the Faith." Brett reports that she did an excellent job! I know he is a little bias but I believe him. She sent me a copy of her talk and it was amazing!

Kimber and Brett continue to enjoy their jobs, managing their hectic schedule and Kimber's crazy commute very well and love living in the city! We just wish they didn't live so far away! Especially with the holidays just around the corner, we miss them! But we are so proud of them and all that they are accomplishing!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Section Champion~Brooke Holt!

Brooke's goal this season was to be the CIF Sac-Joaquin Section Champion. She has worked tirelessly for the past year, working out 6 days a week, sometimes double days, which included biking up Sierra College 8 times in a row and many days that occasionally end with lifting weights with dad at the gym. She has been focused, determined and disciplined, sacrificing so much in order to reach her goal. So it all came down to the race today. There were 4 girls that were near the top. Anyone of them were within reach of winning the race. But I've never seen Brooke so determined and confident! It was incredibly hot today for this time of the year. Many of the runners from the previous races had suffered heat exhaustion. The race was delayed 30 minutes, so her race was during the hottest time of the day. Brooke took an early lead and kept it until the very end. She won with a time of 19:08 and qualified for the state meet held in Fresno in 2 weeks. Yay Brooke! We are so proud of you!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Another Wonderful Weekend and a Win for the Y! Cougars over San Diego State 41-12!

Mark and I had a great weekend in Utah putting the finishing touches on our place at Vintage, spending time with Tyler and Allie, and watching the BYU/SDSU game on Saturday! It snowed just a few days before we got there on Thursday so the mountains looked beautiful...ready for ski season. Mark wished he had brought his skis! I was glad that it warmed up just in time for the game on Saturday...yeah!

Tyler and Allie came up to Park City Friday afternoon. We went to Red Rock, one of favorite spots for dinner and then cuddled up on the couch and watched "The Office" together on Allie's new Mac computer! They spent the night in PC and then we all headed down to Provo for the game early Saturday morning.

Tyler looked great at the pregame. Our good friend from Granite Bay, Miles Burris plays for San Diego State. During the pregame, we found Miles warming up near our sideline so Mark and I went over to get some pictures. We waved to him and had fun watching him running drills. After the game, Tyler and Miles found each other on the field and got to visit and catch up, which Tyler said was really fun. I posted all the pictures of Miles. I'll have to forward them on to Elder Justin Larkin in Brazil. He will enjoying seeing the pictures of his good friend and teammate, Miles!

Monday, November 3, 2008

YES on Prop 8!!

Tonight our ward was meeting on the corner of Roseville Parkway and Douglas Blvd. for a sign waving party in support of Prop 8. When our Young Women heard about it they were a little hesitant but wanted to go and support the effort. Courtney asked me during opening exercises on Sunday, if I would go with her. One by one the girls started talking about joining us on Monday night along with other people in the ward. We had 10 girls and 5 leaders that stood out in the cold and pouring rain! I stopped by and brought some hot chocolates for the girls. We actually had a lot of fun and felt good about doing our part in the effort to pass Prop 8! We had a lot of people honk at us...a few other obscene gestures but mostly people were supportive! Here are some pictures..and yes, we were cold!

YW in Excellence`"Baby, Look at You Now!"

Two-time Cross Country SFL Champion!

Brooke had a great race on Friday finishing 1st in the league with a time of 18:07! You are awesome, Brooke!
2nd time League Champ, Brooke and her coach, Dad!
Brooke and Courtney around the 1st mile marker with Coach Sturgen and Dad cheering her on.
Courtney is still keeping up with Brooke.
Brooke finishes strong with a time of 18:07!
Brooke and Mom celebrating her victory!
Teammate, Christine and Brooke!
The top 6 finishers in the SFL!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Eureka Schools Foundation Dinner & Auction~16 years and still going strong!

Mom and Dad heading off to the Auction!

16 years ago, Mark, as a founding Eureka Schools Foundation board member, was asked to chair the first fundraiser, a dinner and auction. It was a huge task and incredible responsibility! Throughout our marriage we have always approached everything that we do, project that we undertake or job that has come our way together, as a team...that meant that I soon became his co-chairwoman! I was pregnant with my 5th child, Brooke, at the time and my oldest, Kimber, was 7 years old. Brooke was born just 2 months before the event took place! To all those on our original Auction committee, she was known as the "Auction baby." It was truly an incredibly overwelming experience organizing such a large fundraising event with 5 little ones, being new to the school district and never having attended an auction! I have never worked so hard and been so tired, but through this experience I met some of my dearest lifelong friends and have some of my fondest memories! The 1st Annual ESF Dinner and Auction was a sell out and a huge success! For the next 2 years, I chaired the ESF Dinner and Auction where it continued to be successful and became "the social event of the year" in Granite Bay. This was the beginning of many wonderful years of service to the Eureka School Foundation and the district. On Satuday night, at the 16th Annual ESF Dinner and Auction, they honored us with a beautiful clock inscibed with the following:

Dr. Mark and Mrs. Debbie Holt
In recognition of long term
commitment and contribution
to the children of the
Eureka Union School District

Eureka Schools Foundation
16th Annual Charity
Auction Dinner & Dance
November 1, 2008
"Tavern on the Green"

It was a very fun evening~so grateful to have the privilige to serve and associate with wonderful people and live in such an incredible community of parents, teachers and administrators that are dedicated to providing the best education for the children in the Eureka School District!

Dad bought me a gorgeous new dress for the event!
Doesn't he look handsome in his tux?!!

The beautiful clock that they presented to us at the dinner!

Dad and our new district superintendant, Tim McCarty!

Mom and her fellow board members, Russ Nash, Jerri Davis, and Lori Dangberg.

Mom and her crazy friend, Marci Martin!
Mom and Lori Dangberg.
Our dear friends, Kim and Russ Nash.
Marci and Kim having a good time!
Dad, our next door neighboor, Phil Johnson, and our ski buddy and favorite dentist, Jerry Martin.
Mom and Vicki Johnson, looking over the catalog and getting ready to bid!