Thursday, November 27, 2008

Our Thanksgiving Feast!

We had a yummy Thanksgiving dinner with Bruce and Natalie and the cousins. It was so fun to have Tyler and Allie at home! We missed Kimber and Brett but it sounded like they had an incredible Thanksgiving dinner (check out their blog for details!)

Tyler & Allie at home + dinner with the cousins + homemade rolls & brown bag apple pie with extra topping + GB3 ward Turkey bowl + roadtrip to Fresno + a ridiculous attempt by Allie & Ashley to write the Christmas poem followed by lots of laughter + watching Brooke run an amazing race at state in Fresno and yelling "Go Bear! Go!" + early Christmas present from phones for everyone! Mom scored and got the new Iphone! YEAH! + old friends stopping good to see DJ Sheridan, David Wilkes, Arin Scott and Josh Wymzyack! + a wonderful trip to the new mall to pick out our phones + dinner at the new food court at the mall and dessert~yogurt at Red Mango! YUM! + listening to Christmas music & David Archuleta new CD, which Tyler gave to Ashley for her birthday + a Christmas lesson in Young Women's (Yes! We know it's still November but it's never too early to start celebrating Christmas) + Sunday dinner with the kids and sharing what we are most grateful for (I think mom cried the most this year!) + dropping the kids off at the airport, goodbye hugs and a quiet ride home = a wonderful Thanksgiving in Granite Bay!

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Kimber said...

Looks like you guys had a great time too! Hopefully, we can do it together next year!!