Monday, September 16, 2013

The little girls summer break in GB

We had a fun week with the little girls home and packed as much in as we could.
Spending time out on Folsom Lake was a top priority so we went out a couple of times and of course,
 we took BeachHut Deli sandwiches and it was heaven.
I was scheduled to attend a UCSF dental wife reunion in San Francisco on Saturday, 
so dad and the girls drove in with me and rode their bikes over Golden Gate Bridge while I was lunching.
Afterwards, we met up and began celebrating Brooke's birthday at Ghiradelli Ice Cream Shop.
There is nothing better that a eating hot fudge sundae on your birthday 
and we have celebrated many a birthdays at this exact spot 
so it was definitely a perfect way to start the festivities!
And partying all day on Brooke's important and memorable day of birth was exactly what we did!
It was the perfect way to end a perfect day with some of my favorite pals!
Chica was pretty excited to see the little girls!
Heading out to Folsom Lake one night.  It was the first day of school and so we had the whole lake to ourselves.
Seriously! I think that boat right behind Brooke was one of the three boats that we spotted all night!
These girls are SO excited to be out on the lake.
The favorite Surfin' Bird!  Yum!
Getting ready to go.
The view of the sun setting was breathtaking!
Ash did this...  (ouch!)
right before she did this! 
Go big or go home!
Driving the boat back to the dock.
Love these lake girls!
Another thing we love when we are out on the lake is the wildlife that we spot.
Brooke, taking a break and trying to get a little sun.
Oh, it's bright out here!
You go girl!
We celebrated Brooke's birthday all week long
and had dinner one night at a favorite restaurants, Yard House.
We spent some time laying out by the pool.
These are my wonderful friends from our dental school days in San Francisco.
It's been a few years since we have all been together back in the city where we all met.
We had a wonderful time catching up with each other and reminiscing about the past. 
I feel very lucky and blessed to have such wonderful friends to go through those grad school days together.
 These cute kids put their helmets on and rode through the streets of San Francisco 
and made their way over the Golden Gate Bridge into the darling town of Sausalito.
Their good friend, Matt Duffey joined them and took these lovely photos.
 I absolutely love this view of the bridge!  
We took our family Christmas card photo when Tyler was a newborn baby 27 years ago!
We met up back at Fisherman's Wharf and made our way to Ghiradelli Square.
And quickly ordered one of these!  My favorite hot fudge sundae!
Celebrating this cute bear's birthday!
This is how we spent her last few days as a teenager!
And this is how she spent her birthday! 
Partying it up out on the lake!
Wearing all the party get up that Karen Wilkes and her mom gave her.
The party hat was left over from one of my birthday celebrations
and Karen stopped by earlier in the day with a gift and this darling birthday sash!
Brooke was more than excited and willing to wear the hat and sash and pose for pics.
Too cute!
She even wore it when she went wakeboarding.
She rocks!
She may be turning 20 and no longer a teenager but she is still a little girl at heart!
Having a little trouble keeping the hat on! Ha! Ha
Getting ready to cross the wake with her party hat on.
She made it across the wake and party hat is still on.
Her good friend, Natalie Hassna was out on the lake with her parents,
so we met up with them and Natalie joined us on the boat.
These two running buddies had a fun time on the tube together.
We got home from the lake, hurried and changed,
and headed out to Fat's to celebrate!
Since Brooke is turning 20 and will no longer be a teenager,
I decided to celebrate by giving her things that she loved as a child, like pig stuff.
So who doesn't want a pig spatula or pig electrical tape? Useful stuff!
And a Cwonder NYC pillowcase!
And a birthday Bear book.
And it was only appropriate that Dad gave her Bear's Loose Tooth.
This girl LOVED Cinderella!  Seriously, this little girl was Cinderella for 6 years straight!
Kimber gave her this Kate Spade book!
And of course, we had to finish it off with a piece of Fat's famous Banana Cream pie!  Yum!
We had such a good visit with the little girls at home and just wish they didn't have to go back to school so soon!
Actually, they didn't... they were so nice and cut their summer vacation short to go back to Utah to take care of me.
Knowing that I was going to get to spend the next week or so with my little girls made it a little easier to let them go.
Sure do love my little girls!