Tuesday, September 27, 2011

GB3 4Ever!

Ashley hosted a Granite Bay 3rd ward reunion dinner last night for all the GB3 kids at BYU!
 Allie reported that dinner was absolutely delicious!  
Many of them were sporting their Granite Bay Grizzly wear!
Everyone had such a good time visiting and catching up with each other. 
Gosh!  I love these kids!  What a cute group! 
 I'm totally jealous and wish that I could have been there!
Those in attendance were Carlie McKeon, Brooke, Ashley, Anne and Brooke Barton, 
Taylor Bassett, Derek McKeon, Blake Newbold, Allie and Justin Larkin, Carissa Mills and Katie McGregor.
GB3 was such a special ward!  So special that we had our very own mascot, "the SeaHorses", and hand sign.
In the photo above, the kids are making the GB3 hand sign that the Young Women in the ward 
made up at Girl's camp years ago. (I think that is where it all started!)
The mascot was chosen during the basketball tournament years ago
 and it just seemed to stick.
"GB3, Horses of the Sea!" became a chant that resinated not only at the basketball games 
but at many a dinner table at girl's camp!
And even though GB3 is now dissolved (I'm not even sure if that is the technical term 
but we were split into 3 demographic sections and realigned to three different wards in two different stakes.
I know, sad but true.  And even though we no longer worship together in the same congregation each Sunday, 
we will be "GB3, Horses of the Sea" forever.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The BYU Autumn Classic

At least one of the BYU teams beat Utah this past weekend 
and that was the BYU XC team, with Brooke leading the way. 
 She was the first BYU runner to cross the finish line, placing 3rd overall. 
 Some of BYU's top runner didn't participate in this race but not too bad for a true freshman.  
Click on the video below to hear Coach Shane talk about her race.

Or you can read about Brooke's race at the BYU XC website
  She also got her name in the BYU Daily Universe.
So the weekend wasn't a total loss for the BYU sports, 
at least this little Cougar got us a win! 
Gooooooo Brookie!
And don't worry Cougar football team, despite the tough loss, 
I still believe in you and will forever bleed blue!
Goooooooo Cougars!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Ipod Dance Party

 Last Saturday night, Mark and I attended our first Ipod dance party.  In fact, we were the "guests of honor"
 and indeed we were honored to be included on the prestigious FaceBook guest list.
You may be asking yourself, "What is a Ipod dance party?"
That was our question exactly, when Ashley told us about her "incredible fun Friday night activity" 
that she participated in a couple of weeks ago along with a group of other BYU students.
Ashley was SO excited to tell us all about the dance party that as she described it, "has changed her life!"
That may sound a little dramatic, but she was so enthusiastic and passionate as she continued to explain
 how it (the dance party) "has taken dancing to a whole new level."
She tried to explain the whole technical components of how a Ipod dance goes down.
Dad had a hard time wrapping his head around the whole thing.
She tried to explain and it goes like this:
The party organizer sends out an invite on FB with a link to a playlist 
with a time and location of where the dance is to take place.
Those invited download the playlist on their Ipod and show up to the location 
at the designated time with Ipod in hand (costume is optional but encouraged.)
Once all participants are gathered, Ipod in hand and earpieces in ear, 
the party host starts the party by simply saying "1,2,3, go!" 
At that moment, everyone starts their engines I mean Ipods,
 in theory at the same time and with that, the dancing begins.
The thing that is so fabulous, is that the eager and adventurous party goers, 
 become so absorbed in music, with their earpieces in their ears, 
they begin to be unaware of anything and everything around them, 
as they lose their inhibitions and themselves in the music.
"That sounds great and I get that," a perplexed Dad askes again,
"but how does everyone know exactly when to start the music on their Ipod?" 
Ash explains again how the party organizer says, "1,2,3, go!" 
and then everyone hits the start button on their Ipod.
"But, technically, someone could be off a few beats, right?" says Dad.
"Well, yeah... I guess someone could be off a second or two,
 but basically everyone is just dancing to the same song on the playlist, at about the same time."
 Dad confesses that his concern would be that if he went to one of these so called Ipod Dance parties, 
that he would be like that guy that is in the commercial that is left dancing
 for about 30 seconds after everyone else is done.
With that, Ashley, decided that Mom and Dad just had to attend one of her parties!
That is how we got roped into all of this college craziness...
and of course, we are not ones to ever miss a party and 
I'm happy to report, that this party definitely lived up to all the hype! 
 The dancers, eagerly and patiently waiting for the all important signal to start their Ipod!
 And the dancing begins.
Brooke "whips her hair!"
 As you can see Ashley is looking good, as she is sporting a costume and mardi gras beads.
Here she is hitting the pose of the evening!
 And Kate, takes a break from luging and lunging, and dances the night away. 
 The kids head up the hill to find a large rock to dance on.
 The kids were "Dancing in the Moonlight" up on the hill.
The parking lot was rocking.
And so was Dad, as shows us all how to "Rock and Roll" on a large rock.
 Ipod dance parties have also been called "Port-a-Parties" and "Silent Rager. Idp."
 Brooke and her friends from the dorms, didn't know that college could be this fun!!
 Notice the Provo police car parked across the street?
The Provo police are notorious for having nothing better to do than hand out parking tickets 
and break up dance parties on the weekends.
Many have claimed that the police are more than eager to close down any event that involves music 
and when more than 15 kids that are gathered, ready to have fun!
This was such an event and you could tell that they were there 
waiting for the party to get "crazy" so they would have to intervene.
But the police were puzzled because there wasn't any noise 
and the kids were just dancing in an empty parking, 
not bothering anyone, so technically they couldn't do anything about it.
The police car stopped across the street, waiting for something "crazy" to happen,
 then drove around the block and stopped again, waited and watched, 
then drove around the block and stopped for the third time.
We are happy to report that they did not find a reason to close the party down.
 And then Kate found a rock and decided to "Do it! To it!"
And this is how it is done!
 Then Kate ordered me to, "Come on, SkiMomma! You can Do it! To it too!"
Actually, she really didn't say anything,
 but she gave "that look" and I knew exactly what she was thinking.
With Brooke's support, I kind of lost it for a moment,
climbed up on the rock and struck "the pose of the night."
I don't know what got into me.
Did I just get caught up in the excitement of partying with the college crowd?
Or was it like Ashley said, that I lost myself (and my mind) in the music and let go?
Whatever it was, it was fun, revolutionary and definitely changed my life!
Thanks, Ash for letting your parents be a part of your cool college life!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Jeff and Caitlin's Wedding!

What a beautiful wedding! Caitlin looked gorgeous! Her dress was fabulous!
And Jeff looked so handsome and so very happy!
The temple ceremony was one of the most sweet and profound that I have heard.
Elder Marlin Jensen, a Howell family friend, did such a great job of making it personal and thoughtful.
It truly was inspiring and left you wanting to make your marriage even better 
and love your spouse a little more each day!
Later that afternoon, a beautiful ring ceremony was held at La Caille
Bishop Cota really did such a nice job conducting the ceremony
 and gave great advice and shared some words of wisdom.
It was touching to hear Caitlin and Jeff read there beautiful letters to each other.
 Both of them were so eloquent and sweet!
Then the wedding party danced their way down the aisle and it was so fun and festive!
What a party! And the dinner at La Caille was amazing! The perfect setting for such an event!
There were lots of wonderful toasts from the dads and the bridesmaids and grooms!
We ate and danced all night! It was so fun!
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Howell coming out of the temple!
 The bride and groom with all of their family on the steps of the temple.
 The Howell family.
 The wedding party.
 Cait and her bridesmaids. 
 Jeff and his groomsmen.
 The Hilburn's with Jeff and Caitlin at the dinner.
 Mark and Debbie at the dinner with the new married couple.
 Dave Hilburn with his boys that he taught,
Chad West, Justin Larkin and Jeff Howell. 
 Jeff and Caitlin with the Holt kids in Utah minus Brooke, 
who was right at that moment racing in Provo. (More on that later.)
She was so sad to miss her running buddy, Caitlin's wedding,
but if anyone would understand, it would be Caitlin:)!
 The Holt family with the bride and groom.
 The yummy desserts!
 Allie and Justin.
 They had the guys from the wedding party dance to YMCA wearing funny hats.
As you can see, Scott (who is on the far right) got really into it.
 Scott and Adam hamming it up.
 Scott and Adam's expression just makes me laugh.
 Gotta love that Scott.
He definitely stole the show!
That is until the cake cutting ceremony took place...
Here are Jeff and Caitlin cutting the cake.
 You could tell that Caitlin was totally into the smear the cake on your new husband thing.
She's is gearing up for it and Jeff is looking at her like, "Are we really going to do this?!!"
"Oh yeah!  You better believe it!  We are totally doing it!"
And with that, these two stole the show, just as they had the entire day!
Congratulations, Jeff and Caitlin!  We love you guys!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Everything is Bigger and Better in Texas!

That's right! I hate to admit it but it's true!
Their state flag is bigger...
  And it's found flying everywhere in Texas!
Their stadium is bigger! 
{100,119 official capacity.}
Their BBQ is better!
 Their boots are better... and oh, so much cuter!
And unfortunately, BYU found out that their football team is better... 
at least they played better than the Cougars did this weekend!
I guess they mean it when they say,
"Don't Mess with Texas!"
Although we didn't get the win, we had a great time in Texas.
And even though we really didn't want to like those Texas Longhorns,
their friendly and folksy fans won us over with there welcoming hospitality
and their endearing Texas drawl!
Those Texans were so proper and so polite.
As we were leaving the stadium, they patted us on the back, as if to console us,
 and said, "Ya'all played a great game!  We just got lucky." 
Other fans shook our hands and said,
"Shucks! Sorry about the loss, but I hope ya'all have had a good time in Austin
 and come back and visit us again soon!"
Well, we did have a good time and we will definitely be back to visit again!
Dad posing with the bull, outside the restaurant, Fleming's Steakhouse, 
where he lectured for Invisalign on Thursday night.
On Friday, we toured the Austin downtown and saw the Texas capitol.
We loved the gorgeous buildings downtown, 
especially the architecture of the Frost Bank Tower.
We knew that we were in the "deep in the heart of Texas" 
with the clever signs...
and the numerous stars found everywhere.  I mean everywhere!
Texans love their star.  
I guess that is why it's called "The Lone Star State."
The rest of the gang all arrived Friday afternoon
and we immediately headed to Iron Cactus for dinner.
After dinner, we went Amy's Ice Cream for dessert. Yum!
We stayed at the same hotel as the BYU football team 
so we had to get a picture by the team bus.
It was fun to catch up with our good friend, Sam Kariya, #33 Bryan's wife, 
who was also staying at the same hotel with her parents.
Tyler, they all said to tell you "Hi!" and they still love and adore you.
Then we drove out to Driftwood to enjoy some real BBQ at The Salt Lick.
The view of the gorgeous grounds at the Salt Lick,
 where we visited with all the other BYU and Texas fans about the game.
The place was packed with Texas and Cougar fans! 
 Lots of burnt orange jerseys everywhere.
And Cougar blue too!  Everyone was friendly, festive and fun on game day!
Visiting and having a good time in the courtyard, as we waited for a table inside.
Once our table was ready, we headed into the dining hall.
And within minutes our table was filled with all the potato salad, beans, 
cole slaw, BBQ brisket, ribs, sausage and chicken that you could eat!
So yummy!
Dad, Pam and Linda.
Kevin and Julie.
Scott and Linda.
Linda and Craig.
Mark and Debbie.
They needed some help in the kitchen and you know me...
how I love to cook and I'm always willing to help...
here I am turning the brisket , slaving over the open fire-pit grill.
And Mark got into the action and stoked the fire.
What a guy!
Dad and Mom with "Bevo" the Bull, the team mascot.
We walked around the beautiful University of Texas campus.
Pam and I decided to take a break and sit on the grass at the Texas Stadium.
The girls at the game!
The boys sporting their blue and white Y shirts.
And the sun setting on the stadium and unfortunately, 
on the Cougars late in the second half.
Despite the BYU loss and the loss of my suitcase*, 
we had a fun weekend and fell in love with Austin.

*Continental Airlines lost my bag and I had everything...I mean, EVERYTHING packed in that bag (camera included!) Ugh!
It showed up on the late Saturday afternoon, just in time to haul it back to Sacramento:)! Hence, all my photos were taken with my Iphone. 
Not bad, but I'm glad that they found my camera.