Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Everything is Bigger and Better in Texas!

That's right! I hate to admit it but it's true!
Their state flag is bigger...
  And it's found flying everywhere in Texas!
Their stadium is bigger! 
{100,119 official capacity.}
Their BBQ is better!
 Their boots are better... and oh, so much cuter!
And unfortunately, BYU found out that their football team is better... 
at least they played better than the Cougars did this weekend!
I guess they mean it when they say,
"Don't Mess with Texas!"
Although we didn't get the win, we had a great time in Texas.
And even though we really didn't want to like those Texas Longhorns,
their friendly and folksy fans won us over with there welcoming hospitality
and their endearing Texas drawl!
Those Texans were so proper and so polite.
As we were leaving the stadium, they patted us on the back, as if to console us,
 and said, "Ya'all played a great game!  We just got lucky." 
Other fans shook our hands and said,
"Shucks! Sorry about the loss, but I hope ya'all have had a good time in Austin
 and come back and visit us again soon!"
Well, we did have a good time and we will definitely be back to visit again!
Dad posing with the bull, outside the restaurant, Fleming's Steakhouse, 
where he lectured for Invisalign on Thursday night.
On Friday, we toured the Austin downtown and saw the Texas capitol.
We loved the gorgeous buildings downtown, 
especially the architecture of the Frost Bank Tower.
We knew that we were in the "deep in the heart of Texas" 
with the clever signs...
and the numerous stars found everywhere.  I mean everywhere!
Texans love their star.  
I guess that is why it's called "The Lone Star State."
The rest of the gang all arrived Friday afternoon
and we immediately headed to Iron Cactus for dinner.
After dinner, we went Amy's Ice Cream for dessert. Yum!
We stayed at the same hotel as the BYU football team 
so we had to get a picture by the team bus.
It was fun to catch up with our good friend, Sam Kariya, #33 Bryan's wife, 
who was also staying at the same hotel with her parents.
Tyler, they all said to tell you "Hi!" and they still love and adore you.
Then we drove out to Driftwood to enjoy some real BBQ at The Salt Lick.
The view of the gorgeous grounds at the Salt Lick,
 where we visited with all the other BYU and Texas fans about the game.
The place was packed with Texas and Cougar fans! 
 Lots of burnt orange jerseys everywhere.
And Cougar blue too!  Everyone was friendly, festive and fun on game day!
Visiting and having a good time in the courtyard, as we waited for a table inside.
Once our table was ready, we headed into the dining hall.
And within minutes our table was filled with all the potato salad, beans, 
cole slaw, BBQ brisket, ribs, sausage and chicken that you could eat!
So yummy!
Dad, Pam and Linda.
Kevin and Julie.
Scott and Linda.
Linda and Craig.
Mark and Debbie.
They needed some help in the kitchen and you know me...
how I love to cook and I'm always willing to help...
here I am turning the brisket , slaving over the open fire-pit grill.
And Mark got into the action and stoked the fire.
What a guy!
Dad and Mom with "Bevo" the Bull, the team mascot.
We walked around the beautiful University of Texas campus.
Pam and I decided to take a break and sit on the grass at the Texas Stadium.
The girls at the game!
The boys sporting their blue and white Y shirts.
And the sun setting on the stadium and unfortunately, 
on the Cougars late in the second half.
Despite the BYU loss and the loss of my suitcase*, 
we had a fun weekend and fell in love with Austin.

*Continental Airlines lost my bag and I had everything...I mean, EVERYTHING packed in that bag (camera included!) Ugh!
It showed up on the late Saturday afternoon, just in time to haul it back to Sacramento:)! Hence, all my photos were taken with my Iphone. 
Not bad, but I'm glad that they found my camera.

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Al and Ash said...

YUM! We love the salt lick! Allen's sister lives in Austin, and had it catered for her wedding. I always have her bring some BBQ sauce for me when we go on vacations, so that I can pretend like I'm eating there! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Too bad about the game!