Saturday, September 17, 2011

Jeff and Caitlin's Wedding!

What a beautiful wedding! Caitlin looked gorgeous! Her dress was fabulous!
And Jeff looked so handsome and so very happy!
The temple ceremony was one of the most sweet and profound that I have heard.
Elder Marlin Jensen, a Howell family friend, did such a great job of making it personal and thoughtful.
It truly was inspiring and left you wanting to make your marriage even better 
and love your spouse a little more each day!
Later that afternoon, a beautiful ring ceremony was held at La Caille
Bishop Cota really did such a nice job conducting the ceremony
 and gave great advice and shared some words of wisdom.
It was touching to hear Caitlin and Jeff read there beautiful letters to each other.
 Both of them were so eloquent and sweet!
Then the wedding party danced their way down the aisle and it was so fun and festive!
What a party! And the dinner at La Caille was amazing! The perfect setting for such an event!
There were lots of wonderful toasts from the dads and the bridesmaids and grooms!
We ate and danced all night! It was so fun!
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Howell coming out of the temple!
 The bride and groom with all of their family on the steps of the temple.
 The Howell family.
 The wedding party.
 Cait and her bridesmaids. 
 Jeff and his groomsmen.
 The Hilburn's with Jeff and Caitlin at the dinner.
 Mark and Debbie at the dinner with the new married couple.
 Dave Hilburn with his boys that he taught,
Chad West, Justin Larkin and Jeff Howell. 
 Jeff and Caitlin with the Holt kids in Utah minus Brooke, 
who was right at that moment racing in Provo. (More on that later.)
She was so sad to miss her running buddy, Caitlin's wedding,
but if anyone would understand, it would be Caitlin:)!
 The Holt family with the bride and groom.
 The yummy desserts!
 Allie and Justin.
 They had the guys from the wedding party dance to YMCA wearing funny hats.
As you can see, Scott (who is on the far right) got really into it.
 Scott and Adam hamming it up.
 Scott and Adam's expression just makes me laugh.
 Gotta love that Scott.
He definitely stole the show!
That is until the cake cutting ceremony took place...
Here are Jeff and Caitlin cutting the cake.
 You could tell that Caitlin was totally into the smear the cake on your new husband thing.
She's is gearing up for it and Jeff is looking at her like, "Are we really going to do this?!!"
"Oh yeah!  You better believe it!  We are totally doing it!"
And with that, these two stole the show, just as they had the entire day!
Congratulations, Jeff and Caitlin!  We love you guys!

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deb said...

I was hoping to see photos...thanks for sharing. looks like it was a beautiful day!