Tuesday, September 27, 2011

GB3 4Ever!

Ashley hosted a Granite Bay 3rd ward reunion dinner last night for all the GB3 kids at BYU!
 Allie reported that dinner was absolutely delicious!  
Many of them were sporting their Granite Bay Grizzly wear!
Everyone had such a good time visiting and catching up with each other. 
Gosh!  I love these kids!  What a cute group! 
 I'm totally jealous and wish that I could have been there!
Those in attendance were Carlie McKeon, Brooke, Ashley, Anne and Brooke Barton, 
Taylor Bassett, Derek McKeon, Blake Newbold, Allie and Justin Larkin, Carissa Mills and Katie McGregor.
GB3 was such a special ward!  So special that we had our very own mascot, "the SeaHorses", and hand sign.
In the photo above, the kids are making the GB3 hand sign that the Young Women in the ward 
made up at Girl's camp years ago. (I think that is where it all started!)
The mascot was chosen during the basketball tournament years ago
 and it just seemed to stick.
"GB3, Horses of the Sea!" became a chant that resinated not only at the basketball games 
but at many a dinner table at girl's camp!
And even though GB3 is now dissolved (I'm not even sure if that is the technical term 
but we were split into 3 demographic sections and realigned to three different wards in two different stakes.
I know, sad but true.  And even though we no longer worship together in the same congregation each Sunday, 
we will be "GB3, Horses of the Sea" forever.

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