Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Invisalign Meeting in Costa Rica

 Dad attended the Invisalign meetings in Costa Rica last week and I tagged along, just for fun!
And it was fun, except for the weather.  Apparently, it's the "rainy season" in Costa Rica
 which meant that almost every afternoon it did, in fact, rain.
So much for laying out in the sun and getting a tan.
Fortunately, we had good internet service so I spent my time getting things done
(writing and answering emails) and finished a great book, called "The Happiness Project."
I loved the book!  I mean, I really loved the book 
and it kept me busy while Dad was busy at his Invisalign meetings,
which he said were excellent!  He also got to tour the facilities in San Jose,
  met with his lab techs and got to sit down and talk about specific cases.
The best part was that he got to chat with a lot of other orthodontists,
 who are also doing a lot of Invisalign in their practices and loving it, just like he does.
I'm glad that he loves doing what he does, and loves learning how to do it even better.
It makes him happy.  And if he is happy, I'm happy...
 even when it is raining!  
 Two thumbs up for Mark and his Costa Rican lab techs. 
 The day before the meetings started, we went on a tour of a coffee plantation,
 the Poas Volcano and the LaPaz waterfalls.
 Here is Mark overlooking the coffee fields.
 Dad was getting chummy with the local livestock.
 The view of the coffee plantation is spectacular!
 Next, we headed to the Poas Volcano.
 Our guide said that we were really lucky to have such a clear day 
and be able to see so much of the volcano.
Next, we headed over to the LaPaz Waterfall Gardens and Peace Lodge
and enjoyed a tour of the beautiful gardens,  
and see butterflies, birds, monkeys, sloths and jaguar.
 At the Waterfall Gardens, we saw some Toucan birds. 
 Dad, getting up close and personal with this Toucan bird.

 Dad gets friendly with some more bulls.
 I loved the craftmenship and detail of this cart.
 Dad and the jaguar.
 The red-eyed leaf frog.
 Dad is lifting the leaf to show how the frog hides.
 The beauty of the LaPaz waterfall.
Enjoying the beauty of the Costa Rican jungle and gorgeous LaPaz waterfall.
LaPaz means "peaceful" in spanish and truly it felt peaceful and serene
 as we hiked in the jungle and enjoyed the beautiful views of the waterfalls.  Spectacular!


Al and Ash said...

I've been there! We went to costa rica a couple years ago and did those same tours! We only spent a day in san jose, but we loved our time there before heading to the coast. I'm sorry the weather was so crumby!

Allie said...

Two really impressive things about this post:
1. Dad was crazy close to those bulls! Probably the closest anyone in our family has ever been to a large animal.
2. You used Spanish! So cool.

Love ya Mom!

Brooke Holt said...

Dad should be called Mr. Toucan hahah. Love that pic. You two are so funny and cute! Miss being your third wheel on vacations!

Holly said...

Looks like fun! I love the toucan! I want a pet one!

Also, Gretchen Rubin is awesome. :)