Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Jeff and Caitlin's California Reception

We had a fun weekend, celebrating Jeff and Caitlin's marriage.
 We loved spending time with two of our favorite people
 and their wonderful family and friends.
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Howell, the happy couple!
Caitlin with her darling neice.  So adorable!
It wouldn't be a Holt party without a candy bar!
The beverage table.
The table centerpieces.
The happy couple with Kevin Hansen.
Our dear friend, Annie Segale.  I sure love that girl!
Another view of the candy bar.  
 You can never have too many pictures of chocolate in a blogpost, right?!!
Liz Skinner and Beth Bryant, sweet friends and the Howell's former neighbors.
The greatest GB track friends ever, the Segale family with Caitlin!
Katie and I are dp friends for life!
Beth Bryant and Lorry, the lovely mother of the bride.
Jason and Lindsay, taking a break during the reception.
GB moms with the gorgeous bride!
  Don't you love how we are all color coordinated?!

It was a lovely occasion. 
 A wonderful weekend, spent with wonderful friends!


deb said...

Debbie the candy bar looking are a pro!

Brooke Holt said...

I love all of these GB moms soo much!! Cait's dress looked gorgeous! Wish I could've been there! Fantastic candy bar and centerpieces! Caitlin has the best taste!