Thursday, October 27, 2011

GB gals bike riding the Tahoe trails

We have enjoyed the most pleasant Fall days here in Northern California,
 with gorgeous warm weather and the leaves just starting to change colors.
Jennifer, our biking buddy, graciously invited the gals to her cabin in Tahoe.
 We decided that before it turns cold, that we should load up our bikes 
and take a trip together and enjoy the beauty of the California Sierras.
  So on Tuesday afternoon, with our bags packed and bikes on the rack, 
we headed up to the mountains for a couple of days of fun. 
 When we left Granite Bay, the sun was shining and the temperatures were in the 70s,
 but we hadn't gone very far up the hill before the clouds appeared and the sky turned dark. 
 Before we knew it, it started lightning, thundering, and raining, which quickly turned to hail.
 By the next morning, the temperature had dropped dramatically 
and was a whopping 30 degrees outside.  So much for our warm Fall ride.
 But we are a tough group of gals and we weren't going to let a little cold weather 
or a flat tire (see below) get in the way of our bike ride. 
 We bundled up and put on as many layers of work out clothing as we could find in our suitcases. 
(Hence the black tights under my bicycle skort sporting attire... lovely, I know!)
 We climbed on our bikes and rode from Jenn's cabin on the lake, all the way to Squaw Valley. 
Round trip, it was a 13 mile ride.
 It was crisp and cold... really cold! But totally worth it! 
 The ride along the Truckee river was absolutely gorgeous!
Liz Skinner, Jennifer Files, Karen Duffey, Sue Jack, me and Mary White,
all bundled up and ready for our bike ride.
The trail from Lake Tahoe to the Truckee River.
Before we knew it, we found ourselves at the River Ranch.
We were feeling so good, even though we were freezing,
 that we decided to continue on to Squaw Valley.
Did I mention that we are really tough?
Right as we got to the entrance of Squaw, Sue got a flat tire.
Not to worry!  We got busy and worked as a team and changed the back tire.
I mention that it was a back tire 
because it's a lot more difficult to change than the front tire.
Note that we have already conquered the front tire technique.
Remember this post?! 
While Liz and I took pictures and documented the tire changing situation,
Sue, Karen, Mary and Jenn actually worked on changing the tire.
There were light-hearted moments of laughter and fun...
and serious moments of intense concentration, 
but mostly a lot of collaboration and cooperation, 
working together to get the job done.
I love this photo of the girls, working on the tire, 
with Liz, taking pictures in the background!
Karen and Sue, two of my favorite friends 
and best tire changing gals that I know.
Posing in front of the Squaw Valley Olympic sign.
Without any snow on the ground, Dad was completely confused 
and didn't even recognize this landmark.
He was like, "Hmmm, where was this taken?"
What?!  It's the entrance of Squaw Valley! 
Dad's favorite ski resort in Northern California.  
That made me laugh!
Riding along the Truckee river, as we head back to the cabin.
I loved all the fall leaves on the trail.
And the gorgeous view of Lake Tahoe, 
 looking out my bedroom window, back at Jennifer's cabin.
Wow!  What a wonderful way to end a fabulous Fall day!
Oh wait!  It got even more exciting before the night was done!
Just before midnight the cabin started rattling and shaking.
Those who had retired early to bed came running down the stairs,
as we realized that we had just experienced an earthquake!
For a moment, we thought it was "The Big One!" but no, just a 4.3. 
 That's nothing for us California girls.
But, what a great exclamation point to an exciting outing with the GB bike riding gals!


Kirstin said...

So Beautiful! I love fall! Isn't it awesome to have great gal pals? fun, fun!

v a n e s s a said...

I'm jealous! Looks like fun! - David