Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fixing a flat at Folsom Lake

It was another adventurous day biking to Folsom Lake this morning
 with Cindy Strickland, Kim Nash, Sue and Karen.  
No!  I didn't have a bike accident. But Cindy did have a flat tire and 
I am proud to say that the 5 of us changed her tire. 
 I know that it doesn't sound like much of an accomplishment,
 but it is harder than you think and none of us had done it before 
so we were pretty pleased with ourselves.  
It was definitely took a lot of team work! 
 And as you can see, I was mainly working as the team photographer.
We rode all the way back to Beek's Bight trail and stopped to take a photo of the gals
with the lake and the Los Lagos neighborhood in the background.  Gorgeous!
Just before the photo was taken, Cindy took a thorn out of her tire.
Right then, we heard the air coming out of Cindy's tire and it went completely flat.
Cindy and Sue posing with the flat tire.
Cindy called her husband to come pick her up because she didn't have a spare tire.
But Karen was determined and I had a spare tire, just the right size, so Karen got busy.
Karen, Sue and Cindy working on getting the spare tire around the rim...
which is harder than you think.  But Karen is determined and isn't going to give up!
Now that the spare tire is on, Kim grabs her pump and all 4 gals work together to fill the tire with air.
Right as we were finishing the job, Cindy's husband, Joe drove up.
He was quite surprised and pretty pleased that we fixed the flat tire by ourselves.
 He gave us a few tips... and I gave him the Iphone camera...
and asked him to get a few pics of the girls and the tire, all fixed and ready to go.
Now with the tire back on Cindy's bike, we are ready for the ride back home.
I think all the gals would agree that there is nothing like changing a flat tire
 to make a girl feel clever and smart!
It was a good biking day!  
A good workout, gorgeous weather, and great conversation with good friends!
I can hardly wait for next weeks bike ride!

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