Sunday, August 28, 2011

Brooke is a BYU Cougar!

 It's hard to believe that this little bear is now a cougar! 
 She is so excited and so I'm trying to be so excited for her! And I am! Truly, I am!
 She is ready to go to college and so I am trying to be ready to let her go! 
 The last of the 5 Holt kids at Brigham Young University.
Time to take the traditional pictures in front of the sign as you enter campus.
And of course, we must get a casual sitting pose.
Allie and Justin were so nice and helped her move into her dorm room.
So cute!
Wouldn't be right without a jumping picture!
Mom and Dad with Brooke.
We all wore our Blue gear to show our Cougar pride.
We also had to do a jumping photo and pretend that we are excited about being "empty nesters."
Yeah.  We had to give each other a high five with our last dropped off at college,
looking forward to the future and ready to embrace the next stage of life!

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Kimber said...

So excited for Brooke!!!