Monday, August 15, 2011

Dropping off Elder and Sister Wilkes at the MTC!

Today was one of those days that I have been waiting for ever since I became a mother,
 the day a son or daughter leaves on their mission 
and you get to drop them off at the Mission Training Center or MTC in Provo.
 Only today I got to drop off two of my favorite "kids," Brad and Karen Wilkes!
For awhile, I thought this day may never come.
 You see, when Tyler left on his mission, he flew straight to the MTC in Brazil.
 I felt like I kind of got ripped off because I didn't get to experience the whole Provo MTC thing. 
 Since Tyler is my only son, that meant perhaps I would never get to do the missionary drop off thing.
 What a disappointing thought! 
 But the day that I had been waiting for finally came. 
 I had the honor and sweet privilege of picking Elder and Sister Wilkes up at the airport 
and driving them to the MTC for "the drop off." 
 It was awesome! Far exceeded my expectations and was all that I ever dreamed of. Truly! 
 Elder and Sister Wilkes will be serving for the next 18 months in Rwanda on a church humanitarian mission.  
They are an amazing couple and I am so proud of them!
Remember how Brooke's friends had decorated the windows on "FireBolt"?
Well, we went to town with the window crayola markers, changed things up a bit,
 made the window decor a little bit more missionary appropriate and "Walla!"
What do you think?  Elder & Sister Wilkes approved.
So we picked them up at the SLC airport and off we went in "FireBolt," heading for the MTC.
We stopped for breakfast at Kneaders and took a picture or two.
A proud mom and her "kids."
Clay, who teaches at the MTC, met us at the door.
And of course, we had to take a group photo before we said "goodbye."
My favorite photo of the day.
Isn't this too cute?  
Clay with his darling parents!
He must be so proud of them!
Elder and Sister Wilkes walking away, entering the MTC and beginning a new chapter of their life.
I couldn't have been more proud of them at that moment.
I thought my heart was going to burst with pride.
I may or may not have shed a few tears.
This is an "action shot" of Karen and I on our last day of walking together for 18 months.
She has been my loyal walking partner for 16+ years.
I will miss her like crazy. 
 But I am so proud of her and think that she (and Brad) are amazing!
This is Brad and Karen's second church mission to Africa.
I am in awe of their courage and faith.  
I stand amazed at the love that they have for their fellow mankind.
But most of all, so touched by the incredible service that they will give to the people of Africa.
I know that they will bless the lives of all those that they come in contact with,
because they have already blessed my life and my family's in so many ways.
Brad and Karen, the Holt family loves you.  God speed!
Check out the article about Elder and Sister Wilkes in our local paper, 
the Roseville Press Tribune.

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v a n e s s a said...

so glad you documented this! i feel like i was there. i even got a little teary at that last picture. glad they had you two to drop them off! i'm just going to pretend they're still in gb like always...