Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's a great day to be a Grizzly XC runner!

Brooke has always ran well at the Stanford Invitational
and this year was no different than the rest,
finishing 2nd place in the seeded race with a time of 17:42,
30 seconds faster than her time last year on the same course!
It was a great race and a great time
but even more exciting is that her team finished 2nd,
beating some of the great teams from So. Cal.
They are really on a roll and having a lot of fun!
I love. Love. LOVE. this picture!
The expressions on the girls faces are priceless!
The traditional picture posing on the course at the end of the day,
holding up 2 fingers to represent finishing 2nd in the race.

The first mile of the race with Brooke (bib #769) with the front of the pack.

Brooke running alongside of Catrina McCallister from So. California, who ends up winning the race.

Brooke running for the finish line, holding off the other girls.

The shoes that flew around the course that day!

Dad and Brooke enjoying a moment together after the race
(and apparently a PowerBar too!)
"It's rough watching Brooke run that fast! It takes a lot of energy!" says Dad!

Brooke is so happy that Kimber came to see her race!

Weston and Brooke. What a cute cousin!
He raced in the varsity boys race and then cheered for Brooke in her race.

Mom and Brooke happy with Brooke coming in 2nd place
and her team coming in 2nd place too!
The Granite Bay girls XC team and 2nd place finishers at the Stanford Invitational!
Congratulations girls!

Kimber's surprise visit

Kimber hates missing out on "the little girls" activities. Living so far away, it makes it impossible to be a part of everything, but for Kimber nothing is ever "impossible." She really wanted to see Ashley in the musical, "Hairspray" at the Scera theater, and she also wanted to see Brooke race sometime this cross country season. So she called early in the week and had one of her crazy ideas. She found a flight where she could fly early Thursday morning from NYC to Salt Lake City, see Ashley's play that night, fly out the next day to San Francisco, where Mom, Dad and Brooke would pick her up on their way to Palo Alto for Brooke's race the next day at the Stanford Invitational, then drive home that night after the race and fly out of Sacramento the next morning back to NYC so she could be back at work on Monday. Oh yeah, and she wanted it all to be a surprise for Ashley and Brooke! She pulled it off, surprise and all! It was great funl! We love anything that involved sisters and surprises! It was a memorable weekend with an incredible performance by Ashley (Kimber said she cried through the first dance because Ash was just so good!) and an unbelievable race by Brooke (more on that in just a moment!) What a great weekend she picked to come see the girls! Thanks Kimber for coming up with such crazy ideas and making such an effort to come! I don't know where you get all your energy. And thanks to Brett for being so patient and "sharing" her and letting her come!
I LOVE Ashley's reaction when she sees Kimber!

She is all smiles and so happy about the surprise!

Ashley dancing in the play, "Hairspray."

Ashley is front and center, and as Kimber said, "stealing the show."

Ashley, the star and Allie, playing the role of supportive sister.

Ashley looking cute with her wig and cute costume.

Ashley and Kimber. Cute.

Ashley and her fans...
the cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents all came that night to the show.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Marci's Super Superintendent's party!

The "Superintendent's Dinner" is always a very popular item at the Eureka Schools Foundation Auction.
My dear friend, Marci bought "the crowd favorite" item last year and invited us to attend the dinner,
which was held in her backyard on Saturday, along with many of our good friends in Granite Bay.
Marci, is quite the party hostess and once again, out did herself with the wonderful decor and the spectacular setting.
Our superintendent, Tim and his wife, Gretchen, and their crew from the district office, threw together the most amazing gourmet dinner and BBQ,
which included decadent array of hor d'oeuvres, succulant salads and breads, grilled chicken, steak and salmon and a dazzling display of desserts.
Every single item tasted absolutely delicious. They were amazing!
My favorite item of the night, were Gretchen's homemade chocolate macadamia nut brownies, which were out of this world.
If anyone there is anyone out there reading this post, who is thinking of bidding on this item at the ESF Auction this year, I would definitely encourage you do so.
I promise, you won't be dissappointed!

Marci's beautiful backyard, with the gorgeous tablesetting, ready to entertain.

Marisa Schorer and Kim Nash visiting with the party hostess, Marci, and our superintendent and chief party planner, Tim McCarty.

Tim and Gretchen McCarty, co-chairmen of the Superintendent's Super party!
It was truly...super!

Teri Louer, our Special Ed. director and master of the grill!

Hanging out with Steve Nash and Kim Nash.
Just to clarify...Steve and Kim are brother and sister-in-law.
Steve is married to Renee Nash, and they are new next door neighbors.
Kim is married to Russ Nash, Steve's brother.
I just didn't want to confuse anyone or start any rumors :)!!

The crowd mingling around the salad smorgasbord.

Renee Nash, our new neighbor and Steve Schorer helping themselves to the incredible desserts!
The dessert table.
Front and center are the amazing chocolate macadamia nut brownies.

Phil and Vicki Johnson, our old neighbors were there.
What fun it was to catch up with them!

3 for 3!

Brooke, Christine and Clare have finished 1st, 2nd, and 3rd
in the first 3 meets of the year! Pretty impressive!
And their team has finished in 1st place in the first three meets of the season.
As the girls would say, "They are legit!" Seriously. Amazing.
Christine, Brooke, and Clare.
Brooke finished in first place with the time of 18:28,
the second fastest time ever on this course.
Cute cousin Weston ran in the fresh/soph race and did very well.
Here he is at the finish line, giving it his all.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

18:01 at the SFL meet

Brooke ran a great 5K today at the league course in Rocklin,
finishing in first place with an amazing time of 18:01.

Sprinting at the end of the race.

Brooke and Weston taking a "cousins" picture.
Weston ran in the fresh/soph race and did great!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Boomer Sooner, BBQ, Braum's Creamery, and a visit with "The Boy" and his girl!

Mark and I traveled to Oklahoma to visit Tyler and Sonya this weekend.
It was wonderful to see the adorable apartment, where they live,
the hospital, where Sonya works,
and visit the dental school that Tyler is attending.
We are happy to report that they are doing better than just "OK!" in Oklahoma City
and loving it there!

Tyler and Sonya, in front of the dental school.

Tyler was obedient and posed for pictures, which pleased his mother.
It's nice to know that he is still as good natured as ever about taking pictures.

A proud dad with his son in front of the OU dental school,
which Tyler is now attending
and where Dad spent many long hours during his residency. Cute.

Sonya was also very sweet and obedient, and posed for a picture
in front of the OU Children's hospital where she works.
It's a beautiful hospital, located on the same campus,
just a few buildings away from the dental school.

We lunched at Braum's Creamery and it was delicious!
The decor is stuck in the 80's but you can't beat the ice cream!
Just as good as I remember! Yum!

For dinner, we wanted to eat some good ol' Oklahoma BBQ, so I googled "best BBQ in OKC, and up came Leo's BBQ.
It got rave reviews, even the food network claimed it was "the best in Oklahoma city."
So we headed over to the downtown location, and this is what we saw
when we turned the corner and pulled up to the address listed.
Sonya and I weren't too sure about it, but once we got used to the abandoned building look,
and Mark assured us that the best BBQ places are located in the back of gas stations,
AND we ran into some of Tyler's classmates that were eating dinner there,
who assured us that it was tasty, we were ready to order!
They were right, the BBQ was delicious, especially the baked beans,
but we just couldn't get over how dingy the decor was
and it was so smokey that it made our eyes water.
Ha! Ha! It was the perfect Oklahoma BBQ adventure!

Dad, Tyler and Sonya eager to eat at Leo's.

Here is Dad ordering at the counter.
I had to post these next few pictures so you can get the full effect.

Sonya and Mom posing in the dining hall.

After a yummy dinner and strawberry-banana cake dessert,
Mark is pleased with Leo's and gives it a "thumbs up!"

Dad and I agree that we would definitely go back again!

After dinner, we went to Bricktown and strolled around the riverwalk
and took pictures in front of the buffalo statue.

It was a wonderful way to end the day.

Game Day.
OU vs. Florida State.
We went a couple of hours early, just so we could see all the tailgating festivities
and get into the OU spirit of things.
There is nothing like Sooner football and we wanted to enjoy the whole experience!

One of my favorite modes of transportation to the game was the Sooner Bus.

The view, as we were standing on the corner of Asp & Boyd Street,
just before we entered the OU campus.
All you could see was masses of people wearing the color red...
and more red...
and more people wearing red!
Tyler and Sonya, with the OU water tower in the background.

There was lots of red tents with tables and chairs, grills, lots of food, coolers full of drinks,
TVs, and a few satellite dishes set up. There was a party going on and it looked like fun!
Then we can across some kids playing this game...

and then we stumbled upon a bean bag toss
and for a minute we thought we were at a Holt family reunion:)!

We had great seats on the 15 yard line, only 10 rows up thanks to Dad!
It was awesome!

The OU football team leaving the locker room and entering the field.

Dad and Tyler taking a "twinner" picture before the game.
I have to admit, Tyler is looking more and more like Dad.

A group shot with Sonya and Mom also wearing "twinner" shirts.

The cutest Sooner couple!

The masses of OU fans, waiting patiently to enter the stadium.

The lines wind around the whole snack bar area and out the gate.
While people patiently stand in line, they begin to yell, "Boomer! Sooner!"
so loud that you can't even talk to the person next to you.

We stood the entire game, along with 86,000 other crazy OU fans.
I think that one of the reasons why they stand the whole time, (besides the fact that they so spirited),
is that they pack the people in so tight and the benches are so close together
that you literally can't fit if you sit down.
I stood sideways, squished between Mark and another large guy almost the entire game.
Awkward but kind of awesome at the same time.
Again, just part of the Sooner experience!
I wouldn't suggest you ever attend an OU game,
if you were the least bit claustrophobic.

One of the few times that we did get to sit down.
Since it was a blowout, OU 47-Florida State 10,
a few people left during the 4th quarter,
so there was room to finally sit during the timeout.

Tyler and Sonya are enjoying the break from standing too.

Sonya and Mom, sporting our OU jewelry.
The first time that we went to an OU game, I was amazed at all the people wearing OU gear.
I remember that there was a little old lady wearing OU tennis shoes and socks,
a red OU shirt and even had OU earrings on!
Well, the night before the game, we were in Walgreen's buying a few toiletries (and diet pepsis)
when we came upon an aisle filled with every kind OU gear you can imagine.
My eyes were quickly drawn to some darling OU earrings and a necklace,
which I quickly grabbed and threw in my cart along with all my other items to be purchased.
Dad agreed that they were adorable and perfect to wear to the game.
As we walked back to the car, we had to giggle, as we admired my OU purchase
and thought of me and Sonya wearing them to the game,
and remembered how we once laughed at fanatic OU fans that wore that stuff!
Funny how your perspective changes as time goes by!
I guess I have become that little old lady that I once laughed at!

After the game, we met up with our dear friends, Mike and Ann Kierl
and celebrated the Sooner victory and Mike's birthday at Nonna's in Bricktown.
Dinner was delicious and dessert was even better!

We had a wonderful weekend with these two cute Sooner fans
and can't wait to go back to visit again!
Tyler & Sonya, thanks for the fun times!