Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kimber's surprise visit

Kimber hates missing out on "the little girls" activities. Living so far away, it makes it impossible to be a part of everything, but for Kimber nothing is ever "impossible." She really wanted to see Ashley in the musical, "Hairspray" at the Scera theater, and she also wanted to see Brooke race sometime this cross country season. So she called early in the week and had one of her crazy ideas. She found a flight where she could fly early Thursday morning from NYC to Salt Lake City, see Ashley's play that night, fly out the next day to San Francisco, where Mom, Dad and Brooke would pick her up on their way to Palo Alto for Brooke's race the next day at the Stanford Invitational, then drive home that night after the race and fly out of Sacramento the next morning back to NYC so she could be back at work on Monday. Oh yeah, and she wanted it all to be a surprise for Ashley and Brooke! She pulled it off, surprise and all! It was great funl! We love anything that involved sisters and surprises! It was a memorable weekend with an incredible performance by Ashley (Kimber said she cried through the first dance because Ash was just so good!) and an unbelievable race by Brooke (more on that in just a moment!) What a great weekend she picked to come see the girls! Thanks Kimber for coming up with such crazy ideas and making such an effort to come! I don't know where you get all your energy. And thanks to Brett for being so patient and "sharing" her and letting her come!
I LOVE Ashley's reaction when she sees Kimber!

She is all smiles and so happy about the surprise!

Ashley dancing in the play, "Hairspray."

Ashley is front and center, and as Kimber said, "stealing the show."

Ashley, the star and Allie, playing the role of supportive sister.

Ashley looking cute with her wig and cute costume.

Ashley and Kimber. Cute.

Ashley and her fans...
the cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents all came that night to the show.

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Kimber said...

That was so fun girlie!!! Love you!! So amazing!! Five star show!