Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day weekend in Park City

After enjoying the BYU football game on Saturday,
the rest of the weekend we were able to relax, spend time with family and friends,
bike ride (while Brooke ran), and enjoy each others company.
It was gorgeous in Park City and as always,
we had a wonderful visit with the kids in Utah!

Our dear friends, the Wilkes stopped by on their way to Wyoming
and we celebrated both of their birthdays.

We took a walk Sunday evening to check out all the construction at The Canyons.
This is a look at the spot where the new Gondola will be, right above the Cabriolet.
They are moving it over, closer to our home, right at the end of our road. Sweet.

This is a look at the new high speed quad and the "beach" at the end of Docs Run.
The high speed quad will be replacing the gondola,
and will take you up to the top of Super Fury,
Brett's favorite run!

Two little lovebirds, sitting on a chairlift.

Then we crashed their party. They didn't seem to mind too much!
This is one of the covered chairlift with heated and padded seats.
Very cool! All it needs is some drink holders and we would be set!
We just had to check it out!

On Monday, Brooke ran, while Dad rode alongside her all the way to Main Street.
I joined them on their way back and captured the moment,
taking pictures along the way.

and Brooke ran and Dad rode his bike and I took more pictures...

and Brooke ran (and Dad rode) until they arrived at Newpark near Kimball Junction.
A total of 12 miles! What a gorgeous ride/run! The views are incredible!

We ate lunch at Maxwell's, a new place located in Newpark.
Dad, Brooke and I discovered this summer.

The girls posed for another "sisters" picture...
and again, we missed Kimber and Sonya!
(and Brett and Tyler too!)

While waiting for our lunch to come,
we played a couple of competitive games of bean bag toss or toss the bean bag
(I'm not quite sure what the correct and proper title of this game is.)

Here is Allie, showing good form and concentration as she tosses the bean bag.

Ashley decided that she can sing and dance better than she throws a bean bag...

and Brooke can ran better than she throws too.

I love Justin's response to when I got a hole-in-one.

I'm not quite sure what I'm doing here.
I honestly don't even remember why I'm striking this pose.
I think I may have gotten a little cocky after I tossed my last bean bag right in the hole.

Justin, showing great composure, not letting my hole-in-one intimidate him at all.
Evidence that contrary to what some might say,
Ashley does, in fact, eat green vegetables!

Later that day, we enjoyed dinner on Main Street at the Blue Iguana.
Actually, I wasn't that impressed with Blue Iguana.
It was OK, but there are so many other incredible places to eat in Park City that I don't think I'd go back.
But it was a great setting for photos so I was able to talk these two cuties into posing for a picture.

And then as we were walking back to the car, I spotted this perfect background and
insisted that the girls stand in the middle of the street to get this perfect shot.

And that's when I think I had gone a little bit too far, and the made me and Dad stand in
the street for a photo too!
That's when I knew it was probably time to go home...I had probably taken 1 too many pictures.

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