Saturday, September 4, 2010

BYU beats Washington!

It was a blistering hot day in Provo! It didn't feel a bit like fall.
But the heat didn't seem to bother the Cougars as they rolled over Washington, 23-17!
It was a great game and it's always fun to enjoy a win in the LaVell Edwards Stadium!
I never grow tired of singing the Cougar Fight song...
and hope to one day learn all the words!
But at least I have the last part down,
"GOOOO Cougars!!!!"
Ashley and Allie showed up to the game wearing the same shirt that I was wearing
so we had to get a "twinners" or should I say, "triplets" picture before the game.
Kind of embarrassing, I know and yet, kind of cute!

Then poor Brooke arrived at the game and was like,
"Hey, why didn't I get the email with the dress attire specifications?!"
We had to give her a hard time!

Justin and Allie before the game,
thinking of crashing the student tailgate party, which included free food,
but then Allie remembered that she is no longer a student. Whoops!

Ashley and Mom enjoying their last little swig of Diet Pepsi (with caffeine)
before they enter the gates of the stadium.

They only sell caffeine free Diet Coke at the LaVell Edwards stadium
and I usually complain about it...a lot.
But yesterday, it was SO HOT that surprisingly,
the caffeine free Diet Coke tasted amazingly refreshing and seriously hit the spot!

Cougar sisters picture, minus Kimber and Sonya.
(We missed you guys!)

One of the things that I love about going to a BYU football game
is that it seems like you always run into old friends.
After the game, a darling BYU coed, came around the corner, greeting Allie with a big hug.
We were surprised and excited to see that it was Lauren Davies.
We couldn't believe she recognized us after all these years!
Allie and Lauren were best friends when they were in grade school at Greenhills.
Our families were best friends, the girls went to school and church together,
and also swam on the swim team together.
(Okay, Lauren swam...and was very good!
Allie, on the other hand, stood on top of the starting block and cried week after week...
only once jumping in the pool and swimming halfway to the other side
before she decided that she had had enough of that and got out of the pool! True story!)
We shared lots of good times with the Lauren's family and have lots of good memories.
When Allie and Lauren were in second grade, the Davies family moved to St. George.
The girls haven't seen each other in years,
so it was very fun to reconnect and catch up with Lauren and hear about her sweet family.

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Sonya and Tyler said...

Okay, everyone looks smokin, but Allie (if you ever read this) I love you with earrings! Someday I may pierce mine!