Sunday, February 26, 2012

Carly's Shower... a sneak peek!

These are the only photos that I have so far from Carly's bridal shower but I thought I'd post what I have. 
 They were taken with my point-and-shoot camera so they aren't the best but they will have to do for now. 
 Since Carly, the bride-to-be, loves to garden, and will be living on a farm after she gets married, 
we decided that we just had to use the garden theme for her shower!
The shower party planners, Julie Hansen, Cinda Wade, Tami Evans, and me (minus Dana Howes) 
with Carly, the bride-to-be, her mother, Lori and little sister.
Yes!  That is grass in the middle of the table.  We thought it made a cute table runner!
The cute signs and darling butterflies on the straws were made by my creative friend, Debbie.
I don't know what I would do without her.  
She takes all my crazy ideas and makes everything cute and clever!!
You should have seen the invitation!
Cutest veggie cups ever!
Gosh! I really love and miss this girl!!
Bo was also one of my favorite (actually, they are all my favorite!) young women.  
She has personality plus, so much energy, enthusiasm and fun!

The darling seed packet party favor that Debbie made.  
Yeah, I know she is amazingly clever!
Allison Garvey, another favorite friend of mine. She is Ashley's and Brooke's friend too!
It was a fun night honoring Carly and celebrating her upcoming marriage!
More and much better photos will be posted soon... I promise!

Monday, February 20, 2012

President's Day Ski Weekend

We had another fun weekend skiing in Park City with family and friends!
Brooke was so happy to have Kimber here in town!
On Thursday night, Brett flew in and was up on the slopes early Friday morning!
Mark, Brett's brother, flew in from California to join the party in Park City!
And Julie and Kevin Hansen came too!  What a fun group of family and friends!
On Friday, we caught up with Aunt Ruth and Uncle Doug on Sun Peak for a couple of runs!
Always at the front of the pack, Brooke skis so fast, 
that she has to sit down and wait for the rest of us!
Kimber-"Hey Ash, you don't mind if I borrow your ski coat, do you?!" 
Watch out, Ashley!  Kimber fell in love with your coat!
But don't worry... I'll make sure she doesn't pack it in her suitcase,
and take it back to NYC with her!
Taking a break at the bottom of Saddleback,
while we wait to meet up with everyone!
A mom and her bear cub, enjoying the view on the balcony at Lookout restaurant.
OK, doesn't this look like a scene out of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous?!
The Hansens look way too good to have skied all morning!
We all had such a fun time with these two!
One night, Julie, Kevin, Brett and Kimber stayed up so late.
I could hear them talking and laughing until the wee hours of the morning.
At one point, I almost got up and went downstairs, 
thinking that I needed to "discipline those kids and tell them to go to bed"
 but then I remembered that they were adults... and that might get awkward:)!
 I love that all of my kids love Julie and Kevin just as much as I do!
Allie and Justin on the balcony at Lookout!
Can't get enough of the sunshine and gorgeous view!
What a cute couple!  They loved the views from the Lookout balcony...
and the cheese fondue at Lookout restaurant!
Love this photo of Julie and Kimber... just wish it was in focus!!
Best friends enjoying the cheese fondue in the yurt!
Turkey with huckleberry sauce sandwich and Potato leek soup!  Yum!
The whole gang posing outside the balcony after a delicious lunch at Lookout! So much fun!
The girls!
The Hansens and the Larkins!
The cute couples picture with the Larkins, Hansens and Crandalls!
The Granite Bay couples photo with the Holts and the Hansens!
The cute Crandalls!
Julie and Allie heading home at the end of day!
 Bright and early, Monday morning, we headed up the hill to catch some "first tracks" 
on our favorite run, The Pines!  It was awesome!
 Marissa, Justin's little sister came up Sunday night 
and Justin gave her some ski lessons on Monday!
Riding the chairlift together!
 Sweet sisters picture with Allie and Kimber!
Marissa and Allie looking good in their matching zebra accessories!
  Last run of the day with these cute kids!
 Dad is so happy that they could come enjoy this weekend with us!
 And so am I!
After a yummy lunch at Cafe Rio and an airport run to drop off Kimber and Brett,
we realized that it was only 2:15 pm! 
It was sunny and beautiful outside and the slopes were calling our name!
Dad turned to me and suggested that we head back up the mountain and take a few more runs. 
He even offered to stop at the lodge and get me my free hot chocolate.  
Of course, I couldn't turn down an offer like that!
So I buckled up my boots and strapped on my helmet, and headed out the front door!
I made Brooke, who was doing homework in the front room, come out and take of picture 
to document my eagerness and willingness to ski with my sweetheart until his heart is content!
Me and my favorite ski buddy on the bubble chair and the last runs of the day.
Thanks, Dad, it was another wonderful weekend!
And thanks to everyone that joined us on and off the mountain 
and made this President Day weekend so much fun!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mother-Daughter Date on the slopes!

Kimber and Brett have a crazy life with their busy jobs,
so it didn't look like they were going to get out to Park City to ski with us this year.
But on Tuesday morning, Kimber called and said they were both able to get away from work
and could join us for the President's Day weekend.
We quickly got online and found some flights. Yay!  Thank goodness for Delta Sky miles!
 I'm not sure who was more excited, me, Kimber, Brett or Dad... I think Dad!
 He just loves skiing with his kids!  Nothing makes him happier!
What a fun surprise it was that Kimber was able to come out a day early
 so that she would ski with me in Park City!
We had plenty of fresh snow and sunny skies and yummy food! 
 It was a gorgeous day and the perfect way to spend the day together, just me and my girl!
We both got a big laugh when we saw each other this morning, wearing matching coats!
I've always loved dressing my girls alike and I sometimes like to get in on the fun!
But this was totally unplanned!
When Dad bought me a new ski coat for Christmas,
 I didn't even think about Kimber's red coat when I got it.
This was the first time that we have skied together since I got the coat, 
so when I came down the stairs this morning, wearing the coat, 
we both took a look at each other, and just cracked up!
Like Mother, like daughter!
 Enjoying the ride up to the slopes on the bubble chair!
 I was so excited to finally see fresh snow on the limbs of the trees
that I made Kimber stop and get a picture with all the snow.
Then I realized that this particular tree was covered with an over abundance of snow 
because it was in the direct line of the snow making machine.  Oh well!  
You will just have to trust me that there really was a lot of snow in the trees and it looked beautiful!
And you would have to agree, it did make for a lovely background!
I was just a little excited to ski my favorite run, The Pines, for the first time this season!!
 We enjoyed a delicious lunch at our favorite spot, Cloud Dine.
The white chocolate macadamia nut cookie was seriously one of the best I've every tasted!
 We hit some more moguls after lunch as we made our way down Daybreak.
Again, we were so happy to have fresh snow and be able to ski off piste.
And for the record, I was the one that insisted on going down this run and skiing the moguls!
At the end of the day, going down Doc's Run!
Such a fun day with my girl and I seriously love that she still doesn't mind when we match!
Kind of makes me giggle!!