Monday, February 6, 2012

ESF Art Auction & Music Exhibition

I never cease to be amazed at the energy and creativity of the Eureka Schools Foundation volunteers 
as they hosted another extremely successful fundraising event.
Not only did they raise a lot of money at the ESF Art Auction & Music Exhibition on Friday night,
 but they provided an evening full of entertainment and fun for the whole community.
The place was packed with parents, frantically bidding on the artwork created by the students and teachers.
Kids were running around from booth to booth, where principals and teachers
 were in charge of a variety of art projects such as making a collage and face painting.
 While parents, teachers and students enjoyed listening to the band and choirs 
from all the different schools who performed throughout evening.
There were plenty of fun, food and festivities for the families of the Eureka school district.
Another great ESF fundraiser!
Some of my favorite art projects that were being auctioned off that evening.
This is one of my favorites, "Live, laugh, love, play!" which was created by Mrs. Hagan's class.
It was so clever and cute that even though I didn't have a kid in the class, I just had to bid on it!
Mrs. Hagan had each student lay down on a white sheet to form the letters in each word.
Then she got up on a ladder and shot the photo looking down on them.
Then she said she created this poster using Shutterfly.  So clever!
Why didn't she do this when Tyler or Allie were in her class?!
Here is Alex, one of the triplets that live next door, who is standing next to the items that her class made.
The triplets, along with their big sister Katie, come and visit me on a regular basis..
 so I don't miss my own kids so much and I love it!
We do homework together.  They come help me clean out my candy jars and my pantry too. 
 And I call them whenever I need to go grocery shopping so I don't have to go alone.
Gosh!  I really love those girls and it was fun to see them that night!
More artwork!
Dad was one of the sponsors for the event so Renee, the triplets mom, who was the MC that night, 
called Dad and Dr. Anello up out of the audience to introduce them... 
and then the next thing you know, she hands the mike to Dad.  
Without any warning or notice, Dad grabbed the mike and greeted the audience,
talked about what a great event it was, introduced Jina (Dr. Anello) and chatted it up with the crowd.
He was a natural!  I knew that he was in his element when he struck this poise!
And this is my favorite photo from the evening!  
This is my next door neighbor, Renee, mother of the triplets and cute Katie,
 past ESF President, past Auction Chairperson, best organizer and volunteer on so many ESF fundraisers, 
probably one of the biggest contributor in time and money to the ESF and to our community.
She is so generous and so wonderful in so many ways 
that she deserves a blogpost all about her so I will stop there and save it for another day.
But I will tell you that she had surgery less than 2 weeks ago then landed back in the hospital last week.
She was told that she supposed to take it easy and even though she was scheduled to be the MC, 
that she should relinquish her duties that night... Right?!!!  We all knew that wasn't going to happen.
She just couldn't sit around and watch all the action take place around her.
Sure enough, she was up on the stage halfway through the evening,
 much to everyone's surprise and joy.  She is definitely loved by all!
Holt Orthodontics had a booth and here are Carrie and Sandy, and Sandy's daughter,
 making balloon animals and flowers for the children.
You can tell that they had a good time making the balloons and entertaining the children.
Kim, Jina and myself with Renee at the end of the night.
And Dad with the BracesbyHolt gals, proud sponsors and best bunch of balloon makers and wire benders in town.


Brooke Holt said...

I love Eureka School District!! So CUTE!!! Dad sure knows how to ham it up! How fun.

Brooke Holt said...
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Ashley said...

I love this so much! Makes me homesick. You guys are the best!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how the "Live Love Laugh play" picture was created on Shutterfly? I can't find anything like it on their website.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how the "Live Love Laugh play" picture was created on Shutterfly? I can't find anything like it on their website.

Louise Blanchard said...

I love this and was wondering what is written in script between the words - is the student's names?

Pam Moskal said...

I would also love to know how the LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE, PLAY photo was created. Did the teacher take the photo of all words at once, or individual words/letters at once? And did Shutterfly allow her to put the children's names in between the words (assuming that's what's there) or did she add the script at a different time. Trying to recreate this project for our auction. SO cute! I can be reached at or I'll check back here-

Michelle Codispoti said...

Please help... Trying to recreate this for our auction. Did you have to use photoshop to cut around the kids? How did shutter fly do this poster? I can be reached at

Sarah Gale said...

I too would love to know the logistics of this awesome live laugh love play picture!

pauline shabot said...

Trying to do this for my child's school. How did you go about doing this on shutterfly? I couldn't find anything on their site. I can be reached at Thanks!

Nika, Travis, Ayda and Zander said...

I like everyone else...trying to recreate the Live laugh love play poster...are the kids names listed between the words? What is the size (I'm wanting to recreate ours on canvas) Thanks for your help!!

jrbaker24 said...

I see everyone is inquiring how the "Live Love Laugh Play" picture was created using shutterfly. I am also trying to figure that out, but cannot find anything like it. has anyone received and answer yet?

laura linssen said...

I am also trying to recreate the Live laugh play love picture. Is it the children in the class' names in between the words. Also, can someone let me know how the poster was created using Shutterfly. Thanks!


I can be reached at

vicki scheffler said...

I would like to know how this was made in steps and what are the words under the pictures? I can not get close enough to tell. Please message me back at

Nika, Travis, Ayda and Zander said...

I made one of these with my daughters class. First I had the kids wear anything but white (not even white socks) then I brought white blankets and sheets covering the area where I would take the pictures. I used a ladder and had the kids lay down in the letter shape. (I photographed one letter at a time) Then when I was finished, using photoshop you remove the white background and place the letters to form words. I had mine printed at snapfish (great coupons) on acrylic and one on aluminum. I choose the size 16x20. You can print on canvas or heavy paper and frame it. It turned out great and will be in our school auction in April. If you have other questions email me and I can send pictures (we did the words Hope, laugh, live and play) Our school name has HOPE in it.

Sarah Harper said...
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Sarah Harper said...

Did anyone ever figure out how to make the poster with the kids letters? I need a play by play! Thank You!

Amy Pecora said...

Can someone please send me the details of how this LIVE LAUGH LOVE PLAY Poster was made? Is it the childrens names in between the big letters? Please let me know exactly how it is done. I want to do this with my daughters class for our auction this year. I was thinking of having it printed on a canvas. My email address is Thank you.

Angi Bragaw Hamer said...

I too would love any step by step instructions on how to get the best picture and then what is the wording beneath. This is a great idea--thank you so much.

Pam Moskal said...

We made a poster like this several years ago for our school's auction. I had to get the PR person from school to help photograph. He stood on the 2nd-floor track in our gym and photographed the students on the gym floor below. They wore red/white and khaki school colors and laid flat on the floor forming letters that spelled NCS Class of 2015. I bought several white painters drops (disposable) at Lowe's to serve as the background. I kept a clipboard with the names of each child to make sure we photographed everyone. They were in high school, so it was a bit tricky keeping track of those who were slinking away to avoid having their picture made-ha! Good luck!