Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

 I love Valentine's Day!
I love making and sending out Valentine's day cards!
I love buying chocolates that come in heart shaped boxes from See's 
and including them in the packages that I mail to the kids!
I love picking out a valentine outfit for each of my girls to wear on Valentine's day!
Dad banned me from buying Tyler a Valentine's outfit a long time ago:)!!!
Hence, the boys are on their own to figure out what to wear on Valentine's day!
But, with the kids off to college I was a little worried 
that I was going to miss all the Valentine's day parties and festivities.
 I know that it's been awhile but I miss being the kid's room mom and organizing the class party.
And I knew I would miss helping the girls throw their annual Anti-Valentine's Day party!
Fortunately, our dear friends and former neighbors Doug and Sue Jack 
hosted such a fun Valentine's Party, "Sweets with your Sweetie!"
I love and miss our wonderful Weddington friends, 
so it was great to see all our old neighbors and catch up with everyone in "the hood!"
The desserts were absolutely amazing!  
My favorite dessert chef and good friend, Marisa Shorer made all the cakes, cookies and treats!!
The cheesecake with raspberry sauce was my favorite dessert!
Dad's favorite was, of course, the chocolate ganache cake!  
He may have had more than one piece of the cake
 but hey, when you look that good, who's counting?! 
The Jack's home looked so gorgeous and festive that I had to include these pictures!
Sue did such a great job with the all the darling Valentine decorations!
Of course, it looked better in person, but you can get the general idea 
of just how clever, crafty and cute that Sue is from a glimpse of these photos!
 Look at this fabulous red velvet cupcakes!  Yum!
 Love the chalkboard banner that Sue made!
Dad's favorite chocolate ganache cake!
So pretty!
That's my favorite cheesecake!
And that is me with my favorite Valentine!
And he is the #1 reason why I love Valentine's day!
So happy that he is mine forever!


Brooke Holt said...

So cute!!! Love the chalkboard signs! Marisa Shorer always makes the best treats! I'm jealous I wasn't there to have a slice of that chocolate ganache!

Allie said...

Aww Mom you look SO pretty! That party looks so fun. Love you!

Ashley said...

SO CUTE! That shirt is perfect. Got your package! I'm posting it on the blog tonight. Love and miss you! Happy Valentine's Day!!

v a n e s s a said...

holy cow, that party looks indulgent. i want to eat every single thing. you two are so cute!

p.s. i got my necklace here http://www.jennypresent.com/