Sunday, February 12, 2012

Husky Classic at the Univ. of Washington

Poor Brooke has been sick with a terrible cold & cough for over 3 weeks.
She is so dedicated and has been running and training, trying to power through,
so that she could race at the Husky Classic in Seattle this past weekend.
About 10 days ago, the team doctor finally put Brooke on Amoxicillin
because she was still so sick, and initially, it seemed like she was getting better.
Last Tuesday, Brooke was so excited because she was finally feeling good, and had a great workout. 
 She seemed like she was ready to race! 
 Then Wednesday, she woke up with a rash, which seemed to get worse by the hour.
She sent me photo texts of her spreading rash to update me throughout the day.
So she went to see the doctor again, 
who determined that she had had a allergic reaction to Amoxicillin
and he put her on Prendizone.
She was itchy and uncomfortable and didn't sleep well for the next couple of night 
but she was determined to run at the meet.
I teased her and told her that I had the perfect title for the blogpost... 
"We went to Seattle to see Brooke's rash race!" or
"Have you ever had the itch to go to Seattle?" or
 "Two days in Seattle and we barely scratched the surface!"
We all tried to stay positive and just laugh about the situation
but by the time she got to Seattle, the rash had exploded all over her body
and her cough had returned.
Needless to say, the race wasn't her best but we gave her an "A" for effort
and an "A+" for letting me take these photos of her crazy rash
and an "A++" for letting me share them on this blog post. 
Yeah, this is what it looks like right after the race.
A view of her back and shoulders.  Ouch!
These are the poor feet that have been running 65 miles a week.
She seriously looked like she had some kind of disease or something.
One of the track girls did ask her which shower she used in the locker room,
so that she could make sure that she didn't use the same one.
Brooke tried to explain that she wasn't contagious but I don't think that she bought it.
Dad and his sick Bear.
Bradford, one of her former teammates from GBHS, who attends UW came to watch her race.
I know that this is kind of against the BYU Honor Code
 but I just had to see the rash on her stomach.
After the race, we headed downtown with Brooke for dinner at the Flying Fish restaurant.
Brooke felt guilty ordering the filet at a seafood restaurant in Seattle
but I have to admit, it was one of the best filets I've ever tasted.
And the chocolate cake was amazing too.
Brooke and Dad love sharing dessert together.
The next day, we took Brooke to Pike's Place...
where we had a lovely time walking around the different vendors and admiring their goods.
Brooke especially loved the dried flower arrangements.  They were beautiful!
We tried to think of how she could pack the flowers
 without ruining them to take them back to Utah with her.  
Any suggestions?!
Lots of fresh fish!
Brooke loved seeing all the fish...
and so we had to take a picture in front of all the clams, oysters, and mussels...
our favorites, of course!!!
We ate lunch at Lowell's, which is located right in the market.
Dad ordered a wild salmon filet sandwich and the dungeness crab cocktail.
Both were yummy!
Brooke ordered the carnitas tacos and they were yummy too!
After lunch, we continued to stroll through the marketplace,
enjoying all the produce stands...
And we weren't the only ones enjoying the sights and scene at the market...
it was packed with tons of people.
We made our way over to Pike's Place Fish Co., which is famous for their fresh fish 
and for throwing their fresh fish back and forth to each other.
Look at all that fresh fish!
And here is one of their guys showing us the fish
 that he is about to throw to someone behind the counter.
And there is goes.
And the fish is quickly thrown back.
I wonder how often they drop the fish and if they do,
what do they do with the fish?
Just wash it off and put it back to be sold again?
We didn't wait around long enough to see that happen.
Dad and I had to catch our flight but before we left...
we had to take a photo in front of the Pike's Place Market,
before we took Brooke back to meet up with her teammates.


deb said...

poor brooke. that rash looks miserable!!!

Ashley said...

On the bright side, her hair looks great. And she wore makeup.

Al and Ash said...

Go Dawgs! Glad you enjoyed Seattle. We love it!