Sunday, February 26, 2012

Carly's Shower... a sneak peek!

These are the only photos that I have so far from Carly's bridal shower but I thought I'd post what I have. 
 They were taken with my point-and-shoot camera so they aren't the best but they will have to do for now. 
 Since Carly, the bride-to-be, loves to garden, and will be living on a farm after she gets married, 
we decided that we just had to use the garden theme for her shower!
The shower party planners, Julie Hansen, Cinda Wade, Tami Evans, and me (minus Dana Howes) 
with Carly, the bride-to-be, her mother, Lori and little sister.
Yes!  That is grass in the middle of the table.  We thought it made a cute table runner!
The cute signs and darling butterflies on the straws were made by my creative friend, Debbie.
I don't know what I would do without her.  
She takes all my crazy ideas and makes everything cute and clever!!
You should have seen the invitation!
Cutest veggie cups ever!
Gosh! I really love and miss this girl!!
Bo was also one of my favorite (actually, they are all my favorite!) young women.  
She has personality plus, so much energy, enthusiasm and fun!

The darling seed packet party favor that Debbie made.  
Yeah, I know she is amazingly clever!
Allison Garvey, another favorite friend of mine. She is Ashley's and Brooke's friend too!
It was a fun night honoring Carly and celebrating her upcoming marriage!
More and much better photos will be posted soon... I promise!

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