Monday, April 26, 2010

Our BYU Nursing Graduates!

This picture depicts exactly how Allie and Sonya felt upon receiving their nursing diplomas last Friday!
I only wish that I would have gotten a picture of Sonya jumping in the air too!
It was fun to have Allie and Sonya both graduating together in the same class.
We are so proud of them, for their hard work and dedication.
We celebrated all weekend and with almost all of the family there,
it was crazy and fun!
We missed Brett who had to stay in NYC and work
but look forward to everyone being together for the wedding in June.

Our newest BYU Grads, Allie and Sonya!

The graduates and the proud family!

Tyler and his 2 favorite nurses!

The happy couple.

Mom & Dad with Nurse Allie


So cute!

All smiles!

Two BYU Alums

Ashley and Allie

Brooke and Allie

Dad and Allie

...and Kimber with Allie.

It was great to have Kimber there with her camera!
She took a ton of pictures and so we have lots of gorgeous photos!
And some silly ones too...

Allie in front of the SWKT,
the building where she spent most of her college days,
listening to lectures in her nursing classes!

Another silly picture, but it made me giggle so I had to include it!

Posing in front of the beautiful tulips in front of the Maeser building!

Allie had to pose with the BYU flags
that dons the car every game day in the fall
and everytime someone graduates from BYU.
Another silly picture. Don't worry...I think that's the last one.
This is what happens when all the girls get together
and Kimber has her camera and documents their silliness.

Kimber's dress matched the tulips so we to take another photo!

Sharing a moment with Allie after graduation and pictures were done.
Love that girl!

Standing in front of the official BYU sign.

And finally, the traditional photo with the Cougar
in front the LaVelle Edwards stadium!
The cake that I forgot to pick up from the bakery
until after the luncheon for Allie and Sonya. Oops!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

An Emmy for Kimber!

The 2010 New York Emmy Awards Gala was held Sunday night at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square.
It was a very formal event, one that Brett and Kimber were looking forward to attending
since all the big names in broadcasting would be in attendance.
As I mentioned in an earlier post, Kimber was nominated in 4 catagories,
but she assured me that "there is no way that she will win"
since New York region is the biggest market in the country.
She convinced me that she "will never win"
because she was up against broadcasters that were much more experienced.
She was just excited to attend the event and get dressed up.
As Kimber's mom, there is something I learned long ago.
Don't ever say "never" or "there is no way" to anything Kimber sets her mind to.
Sunday night was no exception.
Kimber's story, "Sauce on the Run" won an Emmy in the catagory of Spot News Story.
She was stunned, shocked and elated to be awarded the Emmy!
We are proud and honored to share in her accomplishment!
No one works harder and is more deserving than her!
I stole the following from her blog. She wrote this just hours after receiving the award.
I thought it was cute and wanted to share.

I feel very blessed that I've known what I wanted to do since I was a little girl. Over the past nearly five years, I've had the incredible opportunity of pursuing my childhood dream: to report the news. Looking back, I realize I was probably an odd child. I liked to watch the news when I was in elementary school. I knew who was anchoring at what time and on what station. I've been fortunate to work as an reporter and anchor at several stations now. It's a profession that is crazy and exhausting, but at the same time exhilarating and energizing. Tonight was one of those nights! ~Kimber

Kimber is all smiles, as she poses with her Emmy for the professional photographers!

My favorite photo from the night! What a cute couple!
Brett is so proud! What a great support he is!

Kimber receiving her award and giving her acceptance speech!

Showing off the detail of the bottom of her gorgeous dress. Love the shoes!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jr Prom

The theme for Jr. Prom this year was "Masquerade", so Brooke and her date, Phil,
made masks to wear to the dance.
The masks turned out cute and the kids had a fun night at the dance!
Mark and I volunteered to chaperone last night and were stationed in the library where the pictures were taken.
We also had an enjoyable evening, visiting with Mr. Dell'Orto, who was also chaperoning,
greeting the kids as they came in to take their formal pictures,
and chatting with other junior parents.
Here are some cute pictures of Brooke and her date.

Brooke and her date, Phil before the dance!

Brooke with her mask that she made with the trim and all the feathers
that she bought at M&J Trim in New York City!

Brooke and Phil are in Student Government together.
He asked her to Junior Prom in the class!

The Bear with her dad!

Off to the Spaghetti Factory for dinner,
then to the school for the "Masquerade" dance,
and back home after the dance for homemade waffles
with strawberries, bananas and Aunt Lisa's homemade syrup!
Such a fun night!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

4 Emmy Nominations!

The New York regional Emmy nominations were announced last month.
Kimber was surprised and excited to hear that she was nominated for 4 Emmy's this year!
Kimber and Brett are most excited about dressing up...
well, Kimber is probably way more excited about the "dressing up" part than Brett,
but he is a good sport and will be donning a tux that evening
at the formal event which will be held at the Marriott Marquis in May.
This isn't the first time they have attended an event such as this.
Below is a picture of the two of them the first time Kimber won an Emmy
a couple of years ago for her documentary on the AIDS epidemic in Africa.

2007 Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards held in Phoenix Arizona

Here is a list of the catagories and stories that Kimber was nominated for.
I only have one link to one of the stories and it doesn't even include her intro,
so you don't get to see her on camera.
Lame. I know. But that's all she will allow me to use on the blog.

Spot News Story- "Sauce on the Run"; Joselito A. Rivera, Kimber Crandall

Societal Concerns-News- "Kojo Bay"; Chris Wood, Kimber Crandall

On Camera Talent-Reporter-Features- Kimber Crandall

Writer-News- Kimber Crandall

Congratulations, Kimber! We are so proud of you!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Micaela's Wedding

Allie and I had a fun weekend together,
attending the wedding of my niece, Micaela, who was sealed to Eric Schell in the Portland Oregon Temple.
It was fun to spend time with my family
and always special to witness a sealing in the temple,
"for time and all eternity."

The Portland Temple was gorgeous
and the grounds surrounding the temple were spectacular with red and yellow tulips everywhere.
Perfect since her colors were red and yellow and her bouquet was red tulips!

Allie flew out from Utah to join me for the fun weekend in Portland
and all the wedding festivities.

Allie with her darling little cousins outside of the Portland Temple.

Micaela and Eric with my sister, Susan's family.

The newlyweds walking around the grounds of the temple.

Raquel, Megan and Molly.

Megan posing in front of the temple.

Mom and Allie.

I took a ton of pictures of these two darling girls,
but I think this is one of my favorites of Megan and Molly.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Break in NYC

We spent our Spring break in NYC with Brett and Kimber,
enjoying the gorgeous weather last week. It was sunny and in the 70s all week. Lovely.
We took in a Broadway show, did a lot of sightseeing, shopping, and eating.
It was my kind of vacation, jammed packed with lots of good food and lots of pictures!
We were able to check a few more things off our list of "Things we want to do in NYC"
by going to the Dave Letterman show and the Regis and Kelly show.
Another thing that we got to do this trip that has been on my list
is Nobu, a famous sushi restaurant.
We enjoyed all three activities
and only wish that we had all the kids with us to enjoy the fun!
*I apologize, the follow is not in any chronological order.
I was lucky just to get it all documented, much less get it all in order! Enjoy!

Regis and Kelly Show

I've been a fan of Kelly's for quite a while
and was thrilled when a friend got us some VIP tickets to the show on Monday! We sat on the second row, front and center
and were in awe of Kelly's ability to entertain the audience.
She's as adorable and darling on camera as she is off camera.
She was clever, funny, and animated
as she chatted with the audience during every commercial break,
telling jokes and laughing until Gilman would drag her back to her chair
and remind her that she was doing a show!
Regis was fun to see too,
but it's obvious from the audiences reaction
that Kelly is the reason that they came to the show that day.
Oh yeah, except for Regis's friend/long-time fan/stalker that sat next to Mark! That guy was interesting/scary! A blog post I'll save for another day:)!

On the set of the Regis and Kelly show.

Chatting with the audience during a commercial.
I was so close to her that I kind of felt awkward taking a picture
but quickly got over it as I saw many other cameras going off around me.
Regis took a minute to chat with his friend/long-time fan/stalker! Ha!

Another cute shot of Kelly. Loved her dress.

The guests were Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott.
I thought Kelly was super skinny but nother like Tori. She is scary skinny!

After they taped the first show, they changed
and taped a segment for the next day's show.
They changed the flower arrangements, carpet and rearranged a few chairs.

Kimber and Brett's new apartment

Since Kimber and Brett just moved into a new apartment
(they are no longer living in a studio! Yay!)
we would play all day and then come home and hang pictures and curtains, organize closets and cupboards,
and Brooke helped Brett put together their new BBQ.
Their place looked great at the end of the week and felt like home.
The last thing we did was haul 5 large (and when I say large I mean LARGE)
bags 2 blocks
and put them in Kimber's car so she could drop them off
at Deseret Industries in Connecticut the next day.

Looking out the kitchen window at Dad reading his book on the terrace.

Dad and Brooke reading and enjoy the sunshine out on the terrace.

Brett is busy grilling on the BBQ!

A view of the family room.

The kitchen nook.

Another view of the family room.

Dad and Brett are on their way to catch the subway
to church building to watch the Priesthood session.

Dinner at Nobu

Both Brett and Dad said, it was "the best sushi that I have ever tasted!"
oh yeah, and they said that the missed Tyler too:)!

Brooke and Kimber shared a dish of Teriyaki chicken.

I ordered the Salmon which was incredible!

Brett and Dad shared some appetizers and sushi rolls.

Kimber and Brett

Dad and Mom

Max Brenner, Chocolate by the bald man

Chocolate sampler desserts

Suckao, a chocolate drink that is incredible! Like drinking a chocolate bar!

The fondue.


Mom and Kimber loved the chocolate fondue.

We had a little trouble getting a good picture of Dad and Brooke

roasting their marshmellow over the flame.
(Allie, Ashley and Tyler-don't worry...I saved the other pictures of Dad and Brooke that aren't "blog worthy!" You will get a kick out of them!)

Dad mixing the chocolate and cream. He has it down to a science!

Kimber likes the Suckao too!

Brooke sipping the chocolate Suckao. It's amazing!

Bubby's for Brunch

Bubby's in Tribeca. Delicious food, located in a cute little neighborhood.

Brunch at Bubby's! So good that we went back and bought their cookbook!

Someone must have known Brooke, "The Bear" was coming to brunch because

they already wrote her name and drew a heart next to it on the graffetti wall. Brooke was pretty excited!

BEAR {heart}

Purse Shopping on Canal Street

We walked off our brunch by walking all over Canal Street in search of the perfect purses.
Because it was spring break and gorgeous weather, it was packed with other shoppers
so it was a little more challenging than usual.
But we were up for the challenge and found some cute scarves,
darling purses for ourselves, two of my dear Weddington neighbors and two of Brooke's friends.
Dad was a good sport and helped us shop for purses the whole afternoon
so we rewarded him and bought him a bottle of cologne.
Unless you have purse shopped on Canal Street before,
you can't really appreciate Dad and his wonderful patience and enormous tolerance
that he displays when it comes to bargain shopping with his girls.
He really did deserve more than just a bottle of cologne
so we took him to Nobu that night to celebrate our great finds on Canal Street.

South Pacific
A trip to NYC isn't complete without an evening at a Broadway show.We decided to see the classic South Pacific and we weren't disappointed.The Lincoln Theater is incredibly beautiful! The perfect venue for the show.

Kimber and Brett

The weather was gorgeous outside so we took advantage of it
and walk around the fountain and took pictures!

Brooke and Kimber in front of the gorgeous fountain at the Lincoln Center.

Posing in front of the Lincoln Center fountain.

Kimber and Brett

Macy's Flower Show

The week before Easter, Macy's has an incredible display of flowers at the store on 34th. We didn't want to miss it, so grabbed Kimber's camera and along with hundreds of other shoppers and flower lovers we roamed the main floor of Macy's for over an hour, in awe of the beautiful floral arrangements that covered the shelves, walls, floor and hung from the ceiling. It was spectacular!

Kimber and Brooke outside the Macy's on 34th Street.

The flowers outside were stunning!

We treated ourselves to frozen yogurt at Red Mango! Yum!
And then made our way over to M&J Trimming, a fabulous trim shop!

Brooke is overwelmed with all the selection of appliques!

Just a small sample of the fancy trims at the store.

Late Night Show with Dave Letterman

We are in New York having fun seeing the sites and visiting Kimber and Brett for Spring Break!
Dad and I went to see the Late Show with Dave Letterman on Wednesday while
Brooke took the train up to Connecticut to visit Kimber at work and then dinner in Greenwich.

Dad waiting in line to pick up the tickets.

The line to pick up tickets and the intern on the left who chatted and entertained those waiting in the line.

After waiting in 2 different lines and showing my ID to 3 different people,
I am holding a "golden" ticket.

After we got the tickets, we were told to come back in 45 minutes
so we took a walk around Times Square.

And enjoyed the sights and sounds of Time Square.
So glad that we brought our coats.
Dave always says that it's freezing inside the theater and he is right, it was freezing!