Wednesday, April 14, 2010

4 Emmy Nominations!

The New York regional Emmy nominations were announced last month.
Kimber was surprised and excited to hear that she was nominated for 4 Emmy's this year!
Kimber and Brett are most excited about dressing up...
well, Kimber is probably way more excited about the "dressing up" part than Brett,
but he is a good sport and will be donning a tux that evening
at the formal event which will be held at the Marriott Marquis in May.
This isn't the first time they have attended an event such as this.
Below is a picture of the two of them the first time Kimber won an Emmy
a couple of years ago for her documentary on the AIDS epidemic in Africa.

2007 Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards held in Phoenix Arizona

Here is a list of the catagories and stories that Kimber was nominated for.
I only have one link to one of the stories and it doesn't even include her intro,
so you don't get to see her on camera.
Lame. I know. But that's all she will allow me to use on the blog.

Spot News Story- "Sauce on the Run"; Joselito A. Rivera, Kimber Crandall

Societal Concerns-News- "Kojo Bay"; Chris Wood, Kimber Crandall

On Camera Talent-Reporter-Features- Kimber Crandall

Writer-News- Kimber Crandall

Congratulations, Kimber! We are so proud of you!

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