Monday, April 26, 2010

Our BYU Nursing Graduates!

This picture depicts exactly how Allie and Sonya felt upon receiving their nursing diplomas last Friday!
I only wish that I would have gotten a picture of Sonya jumping in the air too!
It was fun to have Allie and Sonya both graduating together in the same class.
We are so proud of them, for their hard work and dedication.
We celebrated all weekend and with almost all of the family there,
it was crazy and fun!
We missed Brett who had to stay in NYC and work
but look forward to everyone being together for the wedding in June.

Our newest BYU Grads, Allie and Sonya!

The graduates and the proud family!

Tyler and his 2 favorite nurses!

The happy couple.

Mom & Dad with Nurse Allie


So cute!

All smiles!

Two BYU Alums

Ashley and Allie

Brooke and Allie

Dad and Allie

...and Kimber with Allie.

It was great to have Kimber there with her camera!
She took a ton of pictures and so we have lots of gorgeous photos!
And some silly ones too...

Allie in front of the SWKT,
the building where she spent most of her college days,
listening to lectures in her nursing classes!

Another silly picture, but it made me giggle so I had to include it!

Posing in front of the beautiful tulips in front of the Maeser building!

Allie had to pose with the BYU flags
that dons the car every game day in the fall
and everytime someone graduates from BYU.
Another silly picture. Don't worry...I think that's the last one.
This is what happens when all the girls get together
and Kimber has her camera and documents their silliness.

Kimber's dress matched the tulips so we to take another photo!

Sharing a moment with Allie after graduation and pictures were done.
Love that girl!

Standing in front of the official BYU sign.

And finally, the traditional photo with the Cougar
in front the LaVelle Edwards stadium!
The cake that I forgot to pick up from the bakery
until after the luncheon for Allie and Sonya. Oops!


Kirstin said...

I love all of the fun pictures! Congratulations! What an accomplishment to be so proud of!

Nate and Annie said...

Very fun to see all of these pictures! My sister-in-law, Joyce mentioned that you might be in need of a wedding cake soon. If you still haven't found anything, check out my cake blog: It would be great to hear from you.
(btw, I found your blog through my friend Erica's who is in our ward here in Belmont. Small world!)