Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring Break SkiFest in Park City!

It was an awesome week in Park City with all the family together! Brett and Kimber flew out from New York to join us for a week of skiing, which was wonderful! Tyler, Allie & Justin came up on the weekends to ski and hang out with us. And Brett's family were in Utah for Spring Break too, so they came up to Park City part of the week and joined us on the mountain one day! It is great to have such a wonderful family to share Brett and Kimber with! The weather was great, sunny skies...check out our goggle tans in the next slide show!, the snow was awesome...love that Utah powder!...and we spent lots of time with our sweet family and good friends! It felt like a little heaven on earth!

Celebrating Justin's Mission Call to Brazil at Tucanos!

On Wednesday night, we took Justin, the family and Elder Bryan Hunt to Tucanos to celebrate Justin's mission call to the Brazil Salvador mission! The food was great! Everyone had a good time, especially Elder Hunt(Bryan) and Elder Holt(Tyler), who reminisced about their missions, and shared stories about Brazil and gave Justin advice! We are so excited for Justin and know that he will be a great missionary! Congratulation, Elder Larkin!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Thoroughly Modern Millie!

Saturday night we went to Ashley's performance at Magic Circle Theater, "Thoroughly Modern Millie." She did an awesome job! The play ran for 2 weeks and she had so many sweet friends come to see her perform! Thanks Becky Dayton, Sister Cota, Bo Browning, Carlie McKeon, Sister McNaughton and Sister Hansen! You guys are the best!

Sadie's Lunch at GBHS!

Brooke was in charge of all the lunchtime activities during Sadie's Week at GBHS. She asked Dad and I to help at Sadie's lunch on Friday. It was fun to be on campus and watch Brooke MC the Tug of War in the quad! She did a great job! Of course, the Seniors won!! Doesn't that bring back fond memories all you, GBHS/student government alumni? Good times, huh?!
Brooke, MCing the Tug of War at lunch with Seniors against the Juniors! The Seniors won...of course!!
Brooke enjoying a few moments with Dad at Sadies Lunch.
Hanging our with Courtney Bassett, one of my favorite Laurels, during Sadies Lunch!

Monday, March 3, 2008

It's time to "Cowboy Up!"

Spending time with the Wilkes at their cabin in Wyoming!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hot Springs in Idaho!

On the way home from the Simplot games in Pocatello, Idaho, we stopped at the hot springs with the Jensen family. We ate dinner at a cute little pizza place on Main street, one of the few restaurants in town! Then we headed over to the hot springs! We changed into our swimsuits, walked outside through the cold, snowy sidewalk to the hot pools! It took us a few minutes to get in because the temperature of the water was very hot...you know, when it's so hot that it stings you feet at first but give it a moment and it feels so good! It was fun to hang out with the Jensen's and warm up in the relaxing hot springs together!
The Holt and Jensen cousins enjoying the hot springs in Idaho!

"Coach" Dad and big brother, Tyler relaxing together stressful day of coaching!

Cute cousins, Allie, Ashley and Stephanie!

Stephanie and her boyfriend, Kevan Bills!