Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hot Springs in Idaho!

On the way home from the Simplot games in Pocatello, Idaho, we stopped at the hot springs with the Jensen family. We ate dinner at a cute little pizza place on Main street, one of the few restaurants in town! Then we headed over to the hot springs! We changed into our swimsuits, walked outside through the cold, snowy sidewalk to the hot pools! It took us a few minutes to get in because the temperature of the water was very know, when it's so hot that it stings you feet at first but give it a moment and it feels so good! It was fun to hang out with the Jensen's and warm up in the relaxing hot springs together!
The Holt and Jensen cousins enjoying the hot springs in Idaho!

"Coach" Dad and big brother, Tyler relaxing together stressful day of coaching!

Cute cousins, Allie, Ashley and Stephanie!

Stephanie and her boyfriend, Kevan Bills!

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Brett & Kimber Crandall said...

That looks like fun! I wish I could have done that when I was in ID!