Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Simplot Games at the Holt Arena!

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Kari said...

Hey there! Thanks for your message the other day. We are having another girl, and I am so excited. I am all into girly things, so I couldn't be happier! Poor Nate is still waiting for his boy though...

So you guys went all the way to Idaho for this meet, wow! My grandparents have taken me to the Holt Arena several times for football games when we were in town. You know, my parents were only about 20 minutes away from there in Blackfoot, I'm sure they would have loved to see you! I'm sure you get to good ol' Idaho often, so maybe next time! :)

Well tell everyone hi from me! I can't believe Ashley is old enough to babysit for ME now... I would totally use her! :)