Wednesday, August 27, 2014

BYU football

We love Cougar football!  And we really love it when we get to meet up with family and friends!
This weekend we met up with my little sister, Shauna, her husband, Joel, and their two boys, Josh and Zach!
We enjoyed eating ice cream at The Creamery on campus
 and then I told the boys that I'd buy them a Cougar tail at halftime!
There is nothing better than Cougar football with family and our favorite Cougar treats!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tyler interviews in San Francisco

Tyler was scheduled to interview for an orthodontic residency spot at UOP in San Francisco in October.  
This was one of almost a dozen ortho interviews that he traveled to last Fall
 but the only one on the west coast so I was pretty excited to have him visiting so close to home.
Tyler invited me to come down and hang out with him before and after the interview
 and of course, I couldn't turn him down. San Francisco has such a special place in my heart.
 Tyler was born in the city, when his dad was in dental school, 27 years ago,
and now he was back to interview at an ortho residency program.
So many great memories made in that "city by the bay" 
and so happy that Tyler and I were able to make another one that day!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Double date bike ride

 It was a perfect Saturday morning, spent bike riding with some of our dearest friend, Mark and Liz Skinner.  
We drove down to Old Sacramento with our bikes on the back of our car, parked near the Tower Bridge, 
then rode about 10 miles up along the river to the Guy West bridge, located near Sac State and then rode back.  
It was a beautiful ride and the weather was gorgeous!  
Posing together on the bridge over the American River.
Liz and I decided that we had the best view of these two handsome guys on our ride!
The view was incredible as we at lunch along the Sacramento River at Rio City Cafe!  
And the food was pretty incredible too! Their Famous San Francisco Sourdough Cheeseloaf was amazing!  Yum!
Such a fun morning with one of our favorite couples, doing a two of our favorite activities... riding and eating!  
Those two things go hand in hand, don't they?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Baby Cheri comes to Grandma's house

Kimber came out to California to attend her 10 year high school reunion
and we were so excited because that meant that we got to spend time with Cheri.
We spent lots of time playing in the backyard on the playset and trampoline.  
Cheri met Chicka, the cat and Cheri was pretty excited about that.  Chicka was not so excited!
And Cheri was introduced to some of our Granite Bay favorites like Bill's Donuts.
We had such a good time and can't wait for Cheri's next visit to Grandma's house.
 That open mouthed smile just gets me everytime!
 Cheri loves her grandpa!
Cheri loved meeting some of my favorite little friends at church.
 We love Bill's Donuts!
Cheri and I had a hard time saying goodbye at the airport.
That look on her face just kills me. 
Love that little Cheri pie!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Nonni's Shower

There isn't anyone that is more deserving of being showered with lots of love 
than our dear friend, Suzanne, or should we say "Nonni!"
It was a large group of Suzanne's friends that gathered at the beautiful home
of Claudia Doerhoff, excited to meet Suzanne's darling granddaughter, Emilee.
There was so much love felt that day with so many ladies that helped with the shower
to make it a very special day of celebration for Suzanne, Jamie and little Emilee.
Suzanne, baby Emilee and the lovely hosts, Claudia and always clever, Liz.
Baby Emilee, her adorable mom, Jamie, and gorgeous Nonni!
"E" for Emilee!
Since Emilee's mother is a teacher, we thought that a school theme was perfect.
Thanks for everyone for helping with all the yummy desserts!
Watching Suzanne open up her gifts was definitely the highlight of the day.
She is such a dear and had us laughing one minute and crying the next.
Such a special group of friends...
celebrating such a happy time...
in our sweet Suzanne's life.
Sweet Suzanne cried when she opened up the quilt that Karen, Sue and I made for her.
Jennifer shows us the yummy cupcakes.
Suzanne's friends made some of the most adorable gifts for Emilee.
Emilee will love coming to play at "Nonni's" house!
Claudia, Liz and I dipped caramel apples and decorated them as a party favor.
They turned out pretty cute and they tasted so yummy!
The view in Claudia's backyard was so gorgeous that we had to take some photos with that incredible backdrop!
Gosh!  These three are just the cutest and we are so glad that we were able to celebrate such a happy occasion with Nonni!  
It was such a special day!