Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Big Island of Hawaii with Mark

Usually when we go to Hawaii, it's because Mark has an orthodontic convention there.
Most of the day, I sit out by and enjoy the pool while Mark is stuck inside, 
busy attending lectures on the newest and latest in the world of braces.
We get to meet up in the late afternoon and spend the rest of the day seeing the sites 
but most of Mark's time is spent at the convention.
Don't get me wrong, I really love every trip to Hawaii, especially since it's like going home for me.
(I spent a semester attending BYU-Hawaii and did my student teaching in Laie.)
But I always feel bad for Mark because he never really gets to relax when we are there.
So when we scheduled this trip to Hawaii we were both really excited because it was just for fun, 
and had nothing to do with work or a convention, just for fun!
We really had nothing on our schedule, just relax and enjoy time together.
It was general conference weekend so we sat out in the sun 
and listen to the messages from the leaders of our church.
We decided it was the perfect way to listen to general conference
especially when you are munching down on a bag of Hawaiian chips!
We went on a little hike along the beach between the morning and afternoon sessions of conference.
The views were gorgeous along the beach.
Mark found a friend along the way and had to get a picture with the turtle for the kids.
We always enjoy dinner at Roy's.
We rented some bike and went riding a couple of days.
We headed along the highway to a resort up north.
Then we found a pathway along the beach and went exploring.
We took a little break and sat on the gorgeous black rock beach and watch the waves come in.
The views were just breathtaking.
Love my biking buddy.
What a fun day!
We drove to Kona one night and went to the beautiful temple.
We enjoyed a yummy dinner at Jackie Rey's and it was incredible!
Mark enjoyed the Ahi Poke Tower.
While I dined on the Kalua Pork Spring Rolls.  Yum!
Every night we tried a different restaurant and every meal was amazing!
Why does everything look and taste better in Hawaii! Doesn't this look delicious!?
Oh! My! WOW!  And dessert!  Can't forget a picture of the dessert!
The Ironman was taking place on the island so we went to check it out.
I had to post this picture on Instagram with this caption:
The real reason why we are vacationing on the Big Island! 
Ha! Ha!  I actually had a few people think that I had really competed... seriously?!!
The last night we ate at the restaurant at our hotel and enjoyed the beautiful sunset!
I love these photos of us because I am wearing the dress
 that Mark had picked out all by himself and surprised me with it for my birthday!
I am so lucky that he has such good taste!
ALOHA Hawaii!  Until we met again!

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