Monday, August 25, 2014

Double date bike ride

 It was a perfect Saturday morning, spent bike riding with some of our dearest friend, Mark and Liz Skinner.  
We drove down to Old Sacramento with our bikes on the back of our car, parked near the Tower Bridge, 
then rode about 10 miles up along the river to the Guy West bridge, located near Sac State and then rode back.  
It was a beautiful ride and the weather was gorgeous!  
Posing together on the bridge over the American River.
Liz and I decided that we had the best view of these two handsome guys on our ride!
The view was incredible as we at lunch along the Sacramento River at Rio City Cafe!  
And the food was pretty incredible too! Their Famous San Francisco Sourdough Cheeseloaf was amazing!  Yum!
Such a fun morning with one of our favorite couples, doing a two of our favorite activities... riding and eating!  
Those two things go hand in hand, don't they?

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