Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Nonni's Shower

There isn't anyone that is more deserving of being showered with lots of love 
than our dear friend, Suzanne, or should we say "Nonni!"
It was a large group of Suzanne's friends that gathered at the beautiful home
of Claudia Doerhoff, excited to meet Suzanne's darling granddaughter, Emilee.
There was so much love felt that day with so many ladies that helped with the shower
to make it a very special day of celebration for Suzanne, Jamie and little Emilee.
Suzanne, baby Emilee and the lovely hosts, Claudia and always clever, Liz.
Baby Emilee, her adorable mom, Jamie, and gorgeous Nonni!
"E" for Emilee!
Since Emilee's mother is a teacher, we thought that a school theme was perfect.
Thanks for everyone for helping with all the yummy desserts!
Watching Suzanne open up her gifts was definitely the highlight of the day.
She is such a dear and had us laughing one minute and crying the next.
Such a special group of friends...
celebrating such a happy time...
in our sweet Suzanne's life.
Sweet Suzanne cried when she opened up the quilt that Karen, Sue and I made for her.
Jennifer shows us the yummy cupcakes.
Suzanne's friends made some of the most adorable gifts for Emilee.
Emilee will love coming to play at "Nonni's" house!
Claudia, Liz and I dipped caramel apples and decorated them as a party favor.
They turned out pretty cute and they tasted so yummy!
The view in Claudia's backyard was so gorgeous that we had to take some photos with that incredible backdrop!
Gosh!  These three are just the cutest and we are so glad that we were able to celebrate such a happy occasion with Nonni!  
It was such a special day!

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