Sunday, July 31, 2011

A few pictures from Justin and Allie's Wedding

Thanks to Kimber, we have a few candid shots from the wedding.
It was gorgeous day.  The weather was perfect.
Allie and Justin looked fabulous!
The dress was spectacular... so Allie and so beautiful!
The wedding ceremony in the temple was so tender and sweet.
President Parmley did such a good job.
It was a wonderful day!
Allie and Justin cutting the cake.
Daddy daughter dance.
One of the cutest daddy daughter pictures ever!
Allie and Justin waiting for the first dance.
Ash and Sonya in their cute bridesmaids dresses.
Cute brother and sister picture.
The bird cake topper.  Cute!
The gorgeous centerpiece that Katie from Ambience Floral created!
Lizzie and Miko, little flower girls,
 dancing with Lizzie's dad, Kevin.
Soooooo adorable!
Tyler and Sonya.
Ashley and Sonya in their cute bridesmaids dresses 
wearing the gorgeous (Anthro-looking) necklaces that Brooke made for all the bridesmaids.
Ashley with her good friends, Dani, Spence and Matt, 
who came to celebrate with Allie and Justin at the reception.
The Pinney's, Justin's grandparent's backyard was the perfect venue for the reception.
Brooke made this pompom, ribbon and can creation for the "get away" car.
Probably the cutest and classiest "get away" car I've ever seen!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Allie & Justin's Wedding Backyard BBQ

*This is totally out of order... still playing catch up with Allie and Justin's wedding!  But whatever...

The night before the wedding, Justin's family hosted a backyard BBQ
 for Allie and Justin for all the family and close friends.
Justin's dad, Dan, and his sister, Jessica, spent all the day
 setting up and decorating for the dinner.
They are so creative and clever and made the backyard look fabulous! 
His mom, Jana, and Jana's sisters catered the entire dinner with Ryan, Jana's brother at the grill.  
The food was absolutely amazing! Seriously, one of yummiest meals I've had in a long time!
They had a smoothie bar too, which was really fun!
After dinner, there was a nice program, 
with Jon, Justin's talented uncle sung one of Allie & Justin's favorite songs.
Ashley and her friend, Craig, performed an original song
 that they wrote just for Allie & Justin which was beautiful!
Ashley and Anise surprised them with a poem that I wrote about being "The Third Wheel" 
and showed funny pictures that went along with the poem. 
Grandpa Pinney made a cameo appearance at the end and stole the show.  
It was a bit funny and a tad bit clever and best of all Allie and Justin were surprised 
and loved it because Anise and Ashley are in so many of their photos
 and both are truly the ultimate Third Wheelers in Allie & Justin's relationship.
Stay tuned and when I catch up with all the wedding stuff, 
I will eventually post the poem with the funny photos of "the third wheels"
 and the video of Ashley singing the song written for Allie and Justin.  
It was a beautiful night and everything turned out so nice!
My only regret is that we didn't get any pictures of the delicious cake pops that Shelby made.
They looked spectacular and were so yummy!
If I can get the recipe from her, I'll be sure to post it!
The soon-to-be Mr. & Mrs. Larkin.
Kimber took the following photos, which are gorgeous images 
of the tables and decorations that Jessica, Sam and Dan created. 
The sports court never looked so good!
Ryan, the King of the Grill, certainly earned that title with these unbelievable teriyaki chicken kabobs.
The smoothies were a fabulous idea for a warm summer night.
They tasted as delicious as they look!  Yum!
Sitting at the head table enjoying their yummy meal.
Mom and Dad relaxing before the program begins.
The Oklahomans enjoying the festiviies.
We did the chalkboard messages again.
I always get such a kick out of how clever some people can be.
Aunt Lisa and Uncle Kib.
The funny thing about this one is that it is sort of true... JK!
Cute cousins!
High school best friend and one of the best third wheels ever, Anise.
Allie, Justin and Anise's nicknames for each other in high school.
Grandpa Pinney and Nancy.
We love calling Jan, Grandpa but I just can't bring myself to calling Nancy, Grandma.
She just seems way too young to be a grandma.
Not that Jan seems old enough to be a grandpa... I mean, he looks way young...  
oh no... I better just stop here or I'm gonna get myself into trouble!!
Anyway, we have been dear friends for almost 20 years, 
and couldn't be more thrilled to call Grandpa Pinney and Nancy family!
Caitlin Clark and Jessie Sower. Such cute girls!
Jeff and Tommy.
I'm glad they got that right!
All the girls wish Justin had a brother or 2!
Brett.  I love the expression on his face.
Jim and Jana, Justin's mom.
The Crandall's~The Ultimate Dream Team.
The Holt sisters.
Wait one minute, the picture wouldn't be complete without Steph, an honorary Holt sister!  
We love that girl!  Plus she color coordinates with all the others so she has to be in the picture!
Mom with her cute girls. Glad she got the memo about the color scheme.
Seriously, we didn't plan it but kind of cracks me up that it looks like we did.
Allie & Justin and "the favorite 3rd Wheel!"

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Canyons summer concert and hanging with the Howell's at the Nat'l Governor's Convention

 One of our favorite activities in Park City is the summer concerts at Canyons.
So Saturday afternoon, we packed up a picnic lunch, walked down the street,
 threw out our blanket on the hill and sat down, ready to enjoy an evening of fun.
The music was entertaining and the picnic was yummy.
The band was just taking a break when we got a call from our good friends, the Howell's, 
who invited us to join them at the National Governor's Association convention 
over at the Olympic Park venue.
What a fun offer!  Of course, we wanted to come.  
So we packed up our picnic lunch and ran over to the Olympic Park
which is right next door to us.
Hanging out with the Howell's is always lots of fun!
Scott seems to know everyone and loves to introduce you to everyone
 and has a gift for making you feel really important when you are around him.
So we got to meet all kinds of important people, all good friends of Scott's.
We enjoyed another delicious meal.  We never say "no" to yummy (and free) food!
And we got to see the Flying Aces aerial show, 
which I highly recommend to anyone visiting Park City.
It was a fun night with our good friends!
The next morning we met up with the Howell's at the Conference Center in Salt Lake
 to hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir give a special concert for the governors.
They sang several patriotic songs and it was beautiful!
We ran into Ruth Todd, one of my dearest friends, 
who was there on official church business, greeting the governors that morning.
Always gracious and classy, Ruth caught up with us after the concert
 and we had a wonderful visit with her.  
We walked around Temple Square with the Howell's 
and Caitlyn, Jeff's fiance and her mom, Lorri and enjoyed the beautiful temple grounds.
It was the perfect way to end a wonderful weekend in Utah!
Dad and Brooke at the concert at Canyons.
 The view from our picnic blanket.
 Mom and Brooke relaxing during the break. 
And then we get a phone call from Scott. 
And off we go to meet up with our friends...
 Scott and Linda, at the Olympic Park.
 What a fun group to hang with!  Caitlyn and Jeff (soon to be married!),
 Scott and Linda (always ready for fun and adventure!), 
Lorri, Caitlyn's mom (here in SLC to help with the wedding planning), 
and Mom, Brooke and Dad (the party crashers!)
 Dad with Mike Mead, the Governor of Wyoming,
who was excited when we told him that our friends, the Wilkes, built a cabin near Afton.
His eyes lit up and he said, "Oh! In Starr Valley?!!  That is beautiful country!"
I could tell that he was really impressed and it was at that moment that Dad and he became friends!
Dad, with Shannon Bahrke of the Flying Aces.
 Ruth Todd and Mom, friends from high school days in Arizona,
roommates at BYU, and dear friends throughout the years!
 The Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Amazing!
Brooke, looking cute on Temple Square.
 Caitlyn and her sweet mother, Lorri, and her cute mother-in-law to be, Linda.
Brooke and Mom with the gorgeous Salt Lake temple.