Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Steph and Kevan's Wedding Dinner

Now that Allie and Justin are married, we are on to the next family wedding, Steph and Kevan's.
Although I haven't posted Allie and Justin's photos from their wedding...
 I'm still working on organizing all of them... Yikes! maybe it will happen before Ashley gets married... 
I better hurry... I mean, Ash did catch the bouquet:)!
Until then, here are some of my favorites from Steph and Kevan's wedding dinner last week. 
 Kevan and Steph are so happy and so in love.  They are absolutely adorable together!
The Holt family's message on the chalkboards for Kevan and Steph.
  K + S = {heart}
Justin with his 3 favorite girls.
The happy newlyweds.
Ash, still in her lunging stage, poses for the camera!
Allie and Brooke.
Sisters pic, minus Kimber and Sonya.
The kids with Kevan and Steph.
Steph and the girls.
Steph is seriously one of the cutest bride-to-be ever!
She looks so happy, smiling from ear to ear!
What a fun night!

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