Monday, July 11, 2011


It's Brooke hacking in our fam blog to say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADRE!!!!!!!!" Our mommy loves things in 5's (like the number of kids she has and the decades she has been alive), so we decided to write 50 reasons we love her for the big 5-0!!!! 

From Ashley and Brooke...
1. She got me hooked on Diet Pepsi
2. She cracks me up
3. She's a good dancer
4. She supports me in all I do
5. She has a great sense of fashion
6. She goes on the tube!! I'll send you a pic of that. We made her today.
7. She's a good example
8. She's always serving others
9. She holds me when I'm sad
10. She gives great advice
11. She helps me with everything
12. Her big hair helps me spot her in crowded public places
13. She's funny 
14. She pushes me to be my best
15. She's always there for me
16. She spoils me
17. She always makes sure every family outing is properly photographed so we remember everything
18. She's a good friend 
19. She teaches me how to talk to others
20. She's easy to talk to.

From Allie and Justin...
1. Because she took me to Taco Bell to get bean burritos.
2. She would sing Whitney Houston with me in the car.
3. She's my best friend.
4. She listens to all my stories when I call her on the phone. 
5. She's the best wedding planner ever!
6. She's the funniest in the family!
7. She set an example to me of a loving and selfless mother.
8. She always makes time for her kids.
9. She set an example of community service through serving on the Eureka Schools Foundation and school board.
10. She quietly sacrifices for our family and friends.

From Tyler and Sonya...
1. I love Mom, because she will hold up a rake for me to kick footballs over.
2. I love Mom, because she always has the time to listen to me.
3. I love Mom, because she loves to laugh with us.
4. I love Mom, because she always encourages, and expects our best.
5. I love Mom, because she sends the best birthday packages.
6. I love Mom, because she is talented and can do everything.
7. I love Mom, because she brings everyone together to have fun.
8. I love Mom, because she knows how to dress us.
9. I love Mom, because she is always happy and upbeat.
10. I love Mom, because she plans the best parties.

From Brett and Kimber...
1. She loves us unconditionally and is always there for us. 
2. Mom always supports us and encourages us to follow our dreams.
3. She is more fashionable than me!
4. We love mom because she is such a good example of what it truly means to be Christ-like.
5. Mom makes so many sacrifices for us and does so without ever thinking of herself.
6. Mom is so much fun to hang out and party with! ;)
7. Because she's always been super cool! 
8. Mom always has a diet pepsi on hand!
9. Mom helps build everyone up!
10. We love mom so very much!!

P.S. She def didn't tell us to write this cause she's gonna be totally embarrassed, but we just LOVE HER SOOOO MUCH!!!


hayley j said...

Cutest post ever! Happy birthday!!!

Kirstin said...

That's the best give a mother could ask for! Happy Birthday and what awesome kids you have!

v a n e s s a said...

what sweet kids! happy birthday deb!

Brad and Karen said...

Deb is the best. Happy BDay and welcome to the 50s!!!!

Brad and Karen said...

...and, #51: World-Class TWALKER!!!!